The Proceedings of Fourth International Conference 
"Symmetry in Nonlinear Mathematical Physics"

are published as Part 1 (pages 1-392) and Part 2 (pages 393-784) of Volume 43 of Proceedings of Institute of Mathematics of NAS of Ukraine,
Editors A.G. Nikitin, V.M. Boyko and R.O. Popovych, Kyiv, Institute of Mathematics, 2002.

ISBN 966-02-2486-9 (general)
ISBN 966-02-2487-7  (for Part 1)
ISBN 966-02-2488-5  (for Part 2)

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These Proceedings are papers of the fourth conference in the series "Symmetry in Nonlinear Mathematical Physics"

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Part 1

NIKITIN A.G., Preface (pages 5-5)

List of Participants (pages 8-12)

SAMOILENKO A.M., Mykhailo Vasyl’ovych Ostrohrads’kyi (pages 17-24)

Symmetry of Differential Equations

HARRISON B.K., An Old Problem Newly Treated with Differential Forms: When and How Can the Equation $y'' = f(x,y,y)'$ Be Linearized? (pages 27-35)

BINDU P.S. and LAKSHMANAN M., Symmetries and Integrability Properties of Generalized Fisher Type Nonlinear Diffusion Equation (pages 36-48)

ABD-EL-MALEK M.B., BADRAN N.A. and HASSAN H.S., Solution of the Rayleigh Problem for a Power Law Non-Newtonian Conducting Fluid via Group Method (pages 49-56)

ABD-EL-MALEK M.B., BADRAN N.A.and HASSAN H.S., Using Group Theoretic Method to Solve Multi-Dimensional Diffusion Equation (pages 57-64)

AMDJADI F., Hopf Bifurcations in Problems with O(2) Symmetry: Canonical Coordinates Transformation (pages 65-71)

ANDREYTSEV A., Classiffcation of Systems of Nonlinear Evolution Equations Admitting Higher-Order Conditional Symmetries (pages 72-79)

BARANNYK T., Symmetry and Exact Solutions for Systems of Nonlinear Reaction-Diffusion Equations (pages 80-85)

BASARAB-HORWATH P. and LAHNO V., Group Classiffcation of Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations: a New Approach to Resolving the Problem (pages 86-92)

BURDE G.I., Expanded Lie Group Transformations and Similarity Reductions of Differential Equations (pages 93-101)

CHERNIHA R. and SEROV M., Nonlinear Diffusion-Convection Systems: Lie and Q-Conditional Symmetries (pages 102-110)

CHUGUNOV V.A., GRAY J.M.N.T. and HUTTER K., Some Invariant Solutions of the Savage-Hutter Model for Granular Avalanches (pages 111-119)

CICOGNA G., Symmetric Sets of Solutions to Differential Problems (pages 120-127)

COTSAKIS S. and LEACH P.G.L., Symmetries, Singularities and Integrability in Nonlinear Mathematical Physics and Cosmology (pages 128-135)

FEDORCHUK I.M., On New Exact Solutions of the Eikonal Equation (pages 136-139)

FEDORCHUK V.M. and FEDORCHUK V.I., On Differential Invariants of First- and Second-Order of the Splitting Subgroups of the Generalized Poincare Group P(1,4) (pages 140-144)

FEDORCHUK V.I., On Differential Equations of First- and Second-Order in the Space $M(1,3) \times R(u)$ with Nontrivial Symmetry Groups (pages 145-148)

IVANOVA N., Symmetry of Nonlinear Schr\"odinger Equations with Harmonic Oscillator Type Potential (pages 149-150)

van der KAMP P.H., The Use of p-adic Numbers in Calculating Symmetries of Evolution Equations (pages 151-155)

KOTEL’NIKOV G., Method of Replacing the Variables for Generalized Symmetry of D’Alembert Equation (pages 156-161)

LAHNO H.O. and SMALIJ V.F., Subgroups of Extended Poincare Group and New Exact Solutions of Maxwell Equations (pages 162-166)

MAGDA O., Invariance of Quasilinear Equations of Hyperbolic Type with Respect to Three-Dimensional Lie Algebras (pages 167-170)

MISKINIS P., New Exact Solutions of Khokhlov-Zabolotskaya-Kuznetsov Equation (pages 171-177)

POPOVYCH H.V., Lie, Partially Invariant, and Nonclassical Submodels of Euler Equations (pages 178-183)

POPOVYCH R.O. and BOYKO V.M., Differential Invariants and Application to Riccati-Type Systems (pages 184-193)

PROKHOROVA M.F., Heat Equation on Riemann Manifolds: Morphisms and Factorization to Smaller Dimension (pages 194-200)

REYES E.G., The Soliton Content of the Camassa-Holm and Hunter-Saxton Equations (pages 201-208)

SERGYEYEV A. and SANDERS J.A., The Complete Set of Generalized Symmetries for the Calogero-Degasperis-Ibragimov-Shabat Equation (pages 209-214)

SHEFTEL M.B., Method of Group Foliation and Non-Invariant Solutions of Invariant Equations (pages 215-224)

TARANOV V., The Most Symmetric Drift Waves (pages 225-228)

TSYFRA I.M., Conditional Symmetry Reduction and Invariant Solutions of Nonlinear Wave Equations (pages 229-233)

VLADIMIROV V. and SKURATIVSKII S., On the Localized Invariant Traveling Wave Solutions in Relaxing Hydrodynamic-Type Model (pages 234-239)

VOLKMANN J., SUDLAND N., SCHMID R., ENGELMANN J. and BAUMANN G., Symmetry Analysis of the Doebner-Goldin Equations (pages 240-251)

VOROBYOVA A., Transformation of Scientific System of Knowledge in Educational: Symmetry Analysis of Equations of Mathematical Physics (pages 252-255)

YEHORCHENKO I., Differential Invariants and Construction of Conditionally Invariant Equations (pages 256-262)

ZAWISTOWSKI Z.J., Symmetries of Integro-Differential Equations (pages 263-270)

Solitons and Integrability

BELOKOLOS E.D., Spectra of the Schr\"odinger Operators with Finite-Gap Potentials and Integrable Systems (pages 273-280)

CHOU K.S. and QU C.Z., Integrable Equations and Motions of Plane Curves (pages 281-290)

ANDERS I., Asymptotics of the Coupled Solutions of the Modified Kadomtsev-Petviashvili Equation (pages 291-295)

BERKELA Yu., Exact Solutions of Matrix Generalizations of Some Integrable Systems (pages 296-301)

DUBROVSKY V.G., FORMUSATIK I.B. and LISITSYN Ya.V., New Exact Solutions of Some Two-Dimensional Integrable Nonlinear Equations via $\overline{\partial}$.-Dressing Method (pages 302-313)

HARNAD J., ZHEDANOV A. and YERMOLAYEVA O., R-Matrix Approach to the Krall-Sheffer Problem (pages 314-320)

HVOZDOVA Ye., On Integrability of Some Nonlinear Model with Variable Separant (pages 321-322)

FIORAVANTI D., Aspects of Symmetry in Sine-Gordon Theory (pages 323-331)

LI Y., Integrable Structures for 2D Euler Equations of Incompressible Inviscid Fluids (pages 332-338)

OKSYUK G., High-Frequency Absorption by a Soliton Gas in One-Dimensional Magnet (pages 339-343)

PARKER A.and DYE J.M., Boussineq-Type Equations and “Switching” Solitons (pages 344-351)

SIDORENKO Yu.M., Transformation Operators for Integrable Hierarchies with Additional Reductions (pages 352-357)

SKRYPNIK W., On Integrable Quantum System of Particles with Chern-Simons Interaction (pages 358-363)

SKRYPNYK T.V., Integrable Hamiltonian Systems via Quasigraded Lie Algebras (pages 364-371)

SVININ A.K., nth Discrete KP Hierarchy (pages 372-376)

TODA K., The Construction of Alternative Modified KdV Equation in (2 +1) Dimensions (pages 377-383)

VAKHNENKO V.O. and PARKES E.J., A Novel Nonlinear Evolution Equation Integrable by the Inverse Scattering Method (pages 384-391)

Part 2

Algebras,Groups and Representation Theory

BECKERS J. and DEBERGH N., On the Heisenberg-Lie Algebra and Some Non-Hermitian Operators in Oscillatorlike Developments (pages 403-406)

KLIMYK A.U., On Classiffcation of Irreducible Representations of $q$-Deformed Algebra $U'_q (so_n)$ Related to Quantum Gravity (pages 407-418)

ARZHANTSEV I.V., Invariant Differential Operators and Representations with Spherical Orbits (pages 419-424)

BONDARENKO A. and POPOVYCH S., $C^*$-Algebras Associated with ${\mathcal F}_{2^n}$ Zero Schwarzian Unimodal Mappings (pages 425-431)

DEBERGH N. and STANCU Fl., The Lipkin-Meshkov-Glick Model and its Deformations through Polynomial Algebras (pages 432-438)

DUPLIJ S., Ternary Hopf Algebras (pages 439-448)

IORGOV N., On the Center of $q$-Deformed Algebra $U'_q(so_3$ Related to Quantum Gravity at $q$ a Root of 1 (pages 449-455)

JORGENSEN P.E.T., PROSKURIN D.P. and SAMOILENKO Yu.S., Generalized Canonical Commutation Relations: Representations and Stability of Universal Enveloping $C^*$-Algebra (pages 456-460)

KRUGLYAK S.A. and KYRYCHENKO A.A., On Four Orthogonal Projections that Satisfy the Linear Relation $\alpha_1 P_1 + \alpha_2 P_2 +\alpha_3 P_3 +\alpha_4 P_4 = I$, $\alpha_i>0$ (pages 461-465)

LUTFULLIN M.W. and POPOVYCH R.O., Realizations of Real 4-Dimensional Solvable Decomposable Lie Algebras (pages 466-468)

MAISTRENKO T.Yu., Positive Conjugacy for Simple Dynamical Systems (pages 469-473)

NESTERENKO M.O. and BOYKO V.M., Realizations of Indecomposable Solvable 4-Dimensional Real Lie Algebras (pages 474-477)

PALEV T.D., STOILOVA N.I. and VAN der JEUGT J., Jacobson Generators of (Quantum) $sl(n +1|m)$. Related Statistics (pages 478-485)

POPOVA N., On One Algebra of Temperley-LiebType (pages 486-489)

STRELETS A.V., On Involutions which Preserve Natural Filtration (pages 490-494)


NIEDERLE J.and NIKITIN A.G., Extended SUSY with Central Charges in Quantum Mechanics (pages 497-507)

PLYUSHCHAY M. and KLISHEVICH S., Nonlinear Supersymmetry (pages 508-519)

SAMSONOV B.F., Time-Dependent Supersymmetry and Parasupersymmetry in Quantum Mechanics (pages 520-529)

SHIMA K., Geometry of Nonlinear Supersymmetry in Curved Spacetime and Unity of Nature (pages 530-539)

GAVRILIK A.M., Quantum Algebras, Particle Phenomenology, and (Quasi)Supersymmetry (pages 540-547)

RAUSCH de TRAUBENBERG M. and SLUPINSKI M.J., Fractional Supersymmetry and F-fold Lie Superalgebras (pages 548-554)

Symmetry in Physics

KELLER J., General Relativity as a Symmetry of a Unified Space-Time-Action Geometrical Space (pages 557-568)

KLINK W.H., Point Form Relativistic Quantum Mechanics and an Algebraic Formulation of Electron Scattering (pages 569-576)

SCHMID R. and SUN Q., Relativity without the First Postulate (pages 577-588)

BEDRIJ O., New Relationships and Measurements for Gravity Physics (pages 589-601)

BURBAN I.M., D-branes, B Fields and Deformation Quantization (pages 602-608)

CASAHORRAN J., The Euclidean Propagator in Quantum Models with Non-Equivalent Instantons (pages 609-615)

GALKIN A., Equation for Particles of Spin $\frac 32$ with Anomalous Interaction (pages 616-622)

GLAZUNOV N., Mirror Symmetry: Algebraic Geometric and Lagrangian Fibrations Aspects (pages 623-628)

KUCHERYAVY V.I., Symmetries and Dynamical Symmetry Breaking of General n-Dimensional Self-Consistently Renormalized Spinor Diangles (pages 629-640)

NAON C. and SALVAY M., On a CFT Prediction in the Sine-Gordon Model (pages 641-644)

NASIRI S. and SAFARI H., A Symmetric Treatment of Damped Harmonic Oscillator in Extended Phase Space (pages 645-651)

NAZARENKO A., Canonical Realization of Poincare Algebra: from Field Theory to Direct-Interaction Theory (pages 652-658)

NURMAGAMBETOV A.J., Towards Uniform T-Duality Rules (pages 659-662)

PAVLYUK A., First Order Equations of Motion from Breaking of Super Self-Duality (pages 663-665)

RADFORD C., The Maxwell-Dirac Equations, Some Non-Perturbative Results (pages 666-671)

REITY O.K., Asymptotic Expansions of the Potential Curves of the Relativistic Quantum-Mechanical Two-Coulomb-Centre Problem (pages 672-675)

REITY O.K. and LAZUR V.Yu., WKB Method for the Dirac Equation with the Central-Symmetrical Potential and Its Application to the Theory of Two Dimensional Supercritical Atoms (pages 676-682)

ROKHNIZADEH R. and DOEBNER H.D., Geometric Formulation of Berezin Quantization (pages 683-687)

SPICHAK S., On Multi-Parameter Families of Hermitian Exactly Solvable Matrix Schr\"odinger Models (pages 688-690)

SVETLICHNY G., Nonlinear Schr\"odinger Equations for Identical Particles and the Separation Property (pages 691-698)

Related Problems of Mathematical Physics

SHAPOVALOV A. and TRIFONOV A., Semiclassically Concentrates Waves for the Nonlinear Schr\"odinger Equation with External Field (pages 701-711)

BERTI M., Arnold Diffusion: a Functional Analysis Approach (pages 712-719)

BLYUSS K.B., Melnikov Analysis for Multi-Symplectic PDEs (pages 720-724)

CHIRICALOV V.A., Smoothness Properties of Green’s-Samoilenko Operator-Function the Invariant Torus of an Exponentially Dichotomous Bilinear Matrix Differential System (pages 725-729)

KONDAKOVA S., Systems of Linear Differential Equations of Rational Rank with Multiple Root of Characteristic Equation (pages 730-733)

KOROSTIL A.M., On the Spectral Problem for the Finite-Gap Schr\"odinger Operator (pages 734-740)

MATSYUK R.Ya., A Covering Second-Order Lagrangian for the Relativistic Top without Forces (pages 741-745)

NAPOLI A., MESSINA A. and TRETYNYK V., General Even and Odd Coherent States as Solutions of Discrete Cauchy Problems (pages 746-750)

PELYKH V., Knot Manifolds of Double-Covariant Systems of Elliptic Equations and Preferred Orthonormal Three-Frames (pages 751-755)

SHKIL M. and ZAVIZION G., The Asymptotic Solutions of the Systems of Nonlinear Differential Equations (pages 756-759)

TAJIRI M., Asynchronous Development of the Growing-and-Decaying Mode (pages 760-764)

VUS A., Integrable Polynomial Potentials in N-Body Problems on the Line (pages 765-767)

ZHALIJ A., Towards Classification of Separable Pauli Equations (pages 768-773)

ZHEDANOV A. and KOROVNICHENKO A., Leonard Pairs in Classical Mechanics (pages 774-776)

ZNOJIL M., Generalized Rayleigh-Schr\"odinger Perturbation Theory as a Method of Linearization of the so Called Quasi-Exactly Solvable Models (pages 777-781)

NIKITIN A.G., Conclusion (pages 782-783)

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