Vladimir V. Sergeichuk

List of publications
  1. Operators on positive semidefinite inner product spaces (with V.A. Bovdi, T. Klymchuk, T. Rybalkina, and M.A. Salim), Linear Algebra Appl. 596 (2020) 82-105.   arXiv

  2. Isometric and selfadjoint operators on a vector space with nondegenerate diagonalizable form (with J.V. Caalim, V. Futorny, and Y. Tanaka), Linear Algebra Appl. 587 (2020) 92-110.   arXiv

  3. New coauthors bring new friends and travels (feature interview; interviewed by R. Horn), Image 63 (2019) 3-6.   pdf

  4. Lipschitz property for systems of linear mappings and bilinear forms (with A. Alazemi, M. Anđelić, and C.M. da Fonseca), Linear Algebra Appl. 573 (2019) 26-36.   arXiv

  5. Wildness for tensors (with V. Futorny and J.A. Grochow), Linear Algebra Appl. 566 (2019) 212-244.   arXiv

  6. Reduction of a pair of skew-symmetric matrices to its canonical form under congruence (with V.A. Bovdi, T.G. Gerasimova, and M.A. Salim), Linear Algebra Appl. 543 (2018) 17-30.   arXiv

  7. Symplectic spaces and pairs of symmetric and nonsingular skew-symmetric matrices under congruence (with V.A. Bovdi, R.A. Horn, and M.A. Salim), Linear Algebra Appl. 537 (2018) 84-99.   arXiv

  8. Wildness of the problems of classifying two-dimensional spaces of commuting linear operators and certain Lie algebras (with V. Futorny, T. Klymchuk, and A.P. Petravchuk), Linear Algebra Appl. 536 (2018) 201-209.   arXiv

  9. Classification of linear mappings between indefinite inner product spaces (with J. Meleiro, T. Solovera, and A. Zaidan), Linear Algebra Appl. 531 (2017) 356-374.   arXiv

  10. Generalization of Roth's solvability criteria to systems of matrix equations (with A. Dmytryshyn, V. Futorny, and T. Klymchuk), Linear Algebra Appl. 527 (2017) 294-302.   arXiv

  11. Specht’s criterion for systems of linear mappings (with V. Futorny and R.A. Horn), Linear Algebra Appl. 519 (2017) 278-295.   arXiv

  12. Topological classification of systems of bilinear and sesquilinear forms (with C.M. da Fonseca, V. Futorny, and T. Rybalkina), Linear Algebra Appl. 515 (2017) 1-5.   arXiv

  13. Neighborhood radius estimation for Arnold’s miniversal deformations of complex and p-adic matrices (with V.A. Bovdi and M.A. Salim), Linear Algebra Appl. 512 (2017) 97-112.   arXiv

  14. Roth’s solvability criteria for the matrix equations AX \hat{A}B = C and X A\hat{X}B = C over the skew field of quaternions with an involutive automorphism q \hat{q} (with V. Futorny and T. Klymchuk), Linear Algebra Appl. 510 (2016) 246-258.   arXiv

  15. Each n-by-n matrix with n >1 is a sum of 5 coninvolutory matrices (with M.N.M. Abara, D.I. Merino, V.I. Rabanovich, J.P. Sta. Maria), Linear Algebra Appl. 508 (2016) 246-254.   arXiv

  16. Topological classification of sesquilinear forms: Reduction to the nonsingular case (with C.M. da Fonseca and T. Rybalkina), Linear Algebra Appl. 504 (2016) 581-589.   arXiv

  17. Tame systems of linear and semilinear mappings and representation-tame biquivers (with T. Klimchuk, D. Kovalenko, and T. Rybalkina), Contemp. Math. 658 (2016) 103-114.   arXiv

  18. Change of the congruence canonical form of 2-by-2 and 3-by-3 matrices under perturbations and bundles of matrices under congruence (with A. Dmytryshyn, V. Futorny, Bo Kågström, and L. Klimenko), Linear Algebra Appl. 469 (2015) 305-334.   arXiv

  19. Topological classification of oriented cycles of linear mappings (with T. Rybalkina), Ukrainian Math. J. 66 (2015) 1575-1581. arXiv

  20. Consimilarity and quaternion matrix equations AX-\hat{X}B=C, X-A\hat{X}B=C (with T. Klimchuk), Special Matrices 2 (2014) 180-186.   article

  21. Regularizing decompositions for matrix pencils and a topological classification of pairs of linear mappings (with V. Futorny and T. Rybalkina), Linear Algebra Appl. 450 (2014) 121-137.   arXiv

  22. Change of the *congruence canonical form of 2-by-2 matrices under perturbations (with V. Futorny and L. Klimenko), Electr. J. Linear Algebra 27 (2014) 146-154.   article

  23. Miniversal deformations of matrices under *congruence and reducing transformations (with A.R. Dmytryshyn and V. Futorny), Linear Algebra Appl. 446 (2014) 388-420.   arXiv

  24. Symmetric matrix pencils: codimension counts and the solution of a pair of matrix equations (with A. Dmytryshyn and Bo Kågström), Electr. J. Linear Algebra 27 (2014) 1-18.   article

  25. An informal introduction to perturbations of matrices determined up to similarity or congruence (with L. Klimenko), São Paulo J. Math. Sci. 8 (2014) 1-22.   article

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