Olena Vaneeva

I am a Senior researcher at the Department of Mathematical Physics of Institute of Mathematics of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

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Current research interests:

  • group analysis of partial differential equations
  • admissible and equivalence transformations in classes of partial differential equations
  • nonclassical, potential and other kinds of symmetries of partial differential equations
  • conservation laws and solutions of partial differential equations
  • exactly solvable and integrable models

Department of Mathematical Physics
Institute of Mathematics
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
3 Tereshchenkivska Street
01024 Kyiv

Phone: +380 (44) 234 63 22 (office)
Fax: +380 (44) 235 2010 (office)
E-mail: vaneeva@imath.kiev.ua

PhD Thesis (2008) Group classification and nonclassical symmetries of reaction-diffusion equations pdf (in Ukrainian).

Recent editorial work: Boyko V.M., Nesterenko M.O., Nikitin A.G., Popovych R.O. and Vaneeva O.O. (Editors), Symmetry and Integrability of Equations of Mathematical Physics (Proceedings of the International workshop on the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of the Department of Applied Research), Collection of Works of Institute of Mathematics, Kyiv, 2019, V. 16, N 1, 204 pp. You can download pdf.

Information for prospective postgraduate students (in Ukrainian):
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