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Sections :

1. Infinite-dimensional stochastic analysis and its applications
   Organized by A.Skorokhod, Yu.Kondratiev

2. Evolutionary stochastic systems
   Organized by V.Korolyuk, Ye.Tsarkov

3. Differential equations with nonclassical right-hand part
   Organized by A.Samoilenko

4. Probabilistic and statistical methods in cryptography
   Organized by I.Kovalenko

5. Generalized diffusion processes and their applications
  Organized by M.Portenko, S.Makhno

6. Stochastic flows and Malliavian calculus (equations with interaction, equations on manifolds,        anticipating             equations, measure-valued processes, applications of  Malliavin calculus)
   Organized by A.Dorogovtsev

7. Measures on infinite-dimensional spaces, properties of the trajectories of  stochastic processes        and random       fields, limit theorems
   Organized by V.Buldygin, Yu.Kozachenko, M.Yadrenko

8. Stochastic models in insurance and finance
   Organized by Yu. Mishura

Statistics of stochastic processes
   Organized by O.Ivanov, R.Maiboroda

Fractal analysis
   Organized by M. Pratsiovyty

History of the Ukrainian probabilistic school
   Organized by Eu. Seneta,
Ya.Prytula , H.Syta