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General information, Deadlines, Conference Proceedings 

 The conference was held at Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University. June 19 was the day of arrive and registration. June 26 was the day of departure.
Working days were June 20, 21, 23, 24, 25. The  scientific program  included  plenary  and short lectures.  Plenary   lectures  of   50  minutes  were  given in  the  morning  session.
  Short lectures of   20--30   minutes were  held in parallel sessions in the afternoon. 
The Conference Proceedings will be publish in the journal "Theory of Stochastic Processes". Files of the papers should be typeset by using AMS-TEX  (please find  the template below)  and send by e-mail  to  Please note that additional style files and personal command definitions should not be included  into the file.  One printed copy should be sent to the following address:

T.V. Karataeva
Institute of Mathematics, 3,
Tereschenkivs'ka Str.
Kiev 01601 Ukraine.

All contributions should be in English and their length should not exceed  12 pages. Deadline for submission is December,1, 2005, sooner if possible. Contributions will be reviewed. Manuscripts are accepted for review with the understanding that the same work is not and will not be under consideration for publication elsewhere, and that its submission for publication has been approved by all of the coauthors and by the institution where the work is carried out.
All contributions should contain running head of less than 40 symbols, author and coauthor names, and complete affiliation(s) (name of institution, city, state) ,  e-mail address for all coauthors, abstract, keywords and AMS subject classification. Not following this instructions may cause difficulties with reviewing and publishing of the paper.


\input amstex
\documentstyle {amsppt}
\pageheight{50.5pc} \pagewidth{32pc}

First name, Second name ...

Title paper

\rightheadtext{ Running head less than 40 symbols}

\abstract Abstract


\keywords Keywords

\subjclass Subjclass

\email e-mail

 This research has been partially supported by  ....



%This journal is typeset by AMS-Tex, the Tex macro system of the
%American Mathematical Society.

%Use these commands if you need it
 \head Introducton
In this paper we present...

Head of the 1 section
\definition {Definition 1} ... is called the solution...
\subhead Head of the 1 section of the 1 section
There are two basic results on ... namely the representation
 \proclaim {Theorem 1} Let to be ....
\demo{Proof } The proof is similar to...
\subhead Head of the 2 section of the 1 section

\proclaim {Proposition 1} Assume....
\remark {Remark 1} It is possible...

Head of the 2 section

\proclaim {Proposition 2} Let to be ....

\proclaim {Theorem 2} Let f ....

\demo{Proof } The proof is similar to...
\proclaim {Corollary 1} Let to be ....
\remark {Remark 2} It is possible...

\definition {Definition 3} ... is called the solution...

g(x)=\sqrt{\frac{x^2+2x}{\sin x}}

g(x)&=\sqrt{\frac{x^2+2x}{\sin x}}
\subsubhead Acknowledgement
This work ...
 \Refs \ref \no 1 \by A.U. Thor Paper \paper This is
a paper \jour In the journal \vol 1 \issue 2 \pages 3--4 \yr 2003

\ref \no 2 \by A.U. Thor Book \book This is a book \publ ``Nauka"
\publaddr Moscow \bookinfo Proceedings of the conference \yr 2003