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Складні системи конфлікту: динаміка, моделі, спектральний аналіз

Організатор: В. Д. Кошманенко
Місце проведення: Інститут математики НАН України, 206, 10:00
Дата та час Семінар
27, September 2018
14:00 Thursday
Society as a complex dynamical system with conflict interaction, infinity war or compromise
Volodymyr Koshmanenko

We study the mathematical model of abstract society with contradictory intrinsic tendencies. The model is developed in terms of the complex dynamical system with conflict interaction. The laws of conflict interaction and the dynamical equations reflect the character of fight for the redistribution of the living resources. The living resources means any kind of natural or social energy - ethnic features, language, political ideology, natural resources, territory, power, money, goods, etc. The aim is to get an adequate description of the time evolution in dependence of initial states and chosen strategies. We show that for fundamental contradictions in society the compromise solution is a unique way to exclude the infinite war.
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