Travelling from the Boryspil Airport and Main Railway Station to the city of Kyiv

1. At the Airport:

We would like to inform your on some arrival arrangements for the Boryspil airport. You can get to a hotel or Institute of mathematics by a taxi or the shuttle bus called "Polit" (Polyot).

Taxi drivers insistently propose you their services and want too much money, but reasonable taxi fare is ~ 20 Euro (~ $27 or 200 Hryvnyas). A taxi driver gives the receipt only by your request.

The cost of the shuttle bus is approximately 25 Hryvnyas.

2. Change some money to Ukrainian currency

Next step is to change some money to get to your hotel. We would recommend you to change just 25 Euro or $20 as exchange rate at the airport is lower than in the city (currently 7.8 Hryvnyas/$1 or 11 Hryvnyas/Euro 1 or 2.24 Hryvnyas/ 10 roubles). The exchange booth operates round the clock. No commission is charged. Please bring some cash in small bills, as here you will not be able to cash travel checks or credit cards (no coins, please, as you will not be able to exchange coins).

3. Get into the shuttle bus to the city centre (to Railway Station)

The bus is called "Polit" (Polyot) (they may be big buses or minibuses, see the stop bus on the picture and photo below).

Ask for one that goes to the railway station ("Vokzal"). Travel from the airport will take around an hour depending on the traffic; the cost of the shuttle bus is approximately 25 Hryvnyas.

Leave the bus at the railway station.

Most of people in the bus will leave it here. Leave the bus and find a taxi, or otherwise go to the metro station "Vokzalna". See below the photo of the Southern Entrance of the new railway station (there is a church opposite this railway station entrance):

Reasonable taxi fare is 45-50 Hryvnyas to all hotels in our list. Do your best to get 5- and 10-Hryvnya bills at the exchange booth or as a change in the bus, as taxi drivers may have no change. Fare should be the same 45-50 Hryvnyas irrespective of the number of persons (up to 3 people per car).

Another option is metro (Vokzalna metro station at the railway station - 5 minute walk from the Southern Entrance under the pedestrian crossing under the railway lines):

See scheme of metro here.

6. If you arrive to Kyiv by train

Algorithm is the same - change some money (have some small euro or dollar bills) and get a taxi to your hotel. Taxi fare is around 40-50 Hryvnyas to any hotel in our list. We would recommend you to change just $5-10 or 5-10 Euro as exchange rate at the railway station is lower than in the city. Bring small bills with you (not coins as you will not be able to exchange coins).

Please mind that there are stairs up (no moving stairs) and no luggage trolleys at the railway station, so take only luggage that you would be able to handle if you plan to arrive by train.

7. How to reach to some hotels and Institute of Mathematics from Vokzalna metro or walking
Click on the name of hotel

- hotel Znannya(walking)

- hotel Express (walking)

There is no reasonable direct public transport to these hotels, so walking may be the best option (20-25 minutes). A taxi to any of these hotels from the railway station (from the main entrance) should cost around 40-50 Hryvnyas. If you take a taxi from the railway station to Express hotel, request taking you directly to the hotel entrance (not to the opposite side of Shevchenko Boulevard).

- hotel St. Petersburg (by metro)

- hotels Kozatsky and Ukraine (by metro)

- Insitute of Mathematics (by metro)