Famous scientists that worked in the institute

Nikolay Mitrofanovich Krylov (1879 -1955)

M.M. Krylov was born on November 17 (29), November 1879 in St. Petersburg in the family of nobles. Children's years of M.M. Krylov went to a family estate in the village Kovhanivka in Zhytomyr region. In the family, the future scientist received primary education, which continued in the Kiev cadet corps. On 1898 Mykola Krylov joined the St. Petersburg Mining Institute, from which graduated in 1904 with the title of mining engineer. While still was a student of the institute, MM Krylov received a prize of  G. A. TIME for student work in mathematics.

After graduating from the institute, M.M. Krylov became a freelance student at the Faculty of Mathematics of the University of St. Vladimir, but in connection with the revolutionary events he was forced to study on his own. During 1907-1910, he was extending his knowledge in France and Italy, where he was listening to lectures by world-famous mathematicians. In a family estate in 1910 M.M. Krylov graduated from a scientific paper "On decompositions in rows on the fundamental functions encountered when integrating one differential equation with partial derivatives of 4 orders of magnitude and on decomposition by Jacobi polynomials" with dedication to his mother. For this work in 1911, he was awarded the scientific degree of an associate professor at the Department of Mathematics at the St. Petersburg Mining Institute. From 1912 to 1917 M.M. Krylov worked as a professor in the department. In 1917, M.M. Krylov moved to Crimea, where he became a professor at the Crimean (Taurida) University. In the same 1917 he received Ph.D. in mathematics at Kyiv University.

In 1922 M.M. Krylov was given the title of a true member of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR, and from that time until 1945 he had been headed the chair of mathematical physics. M.M. Krylov often went abroad, where he participated in various conferences and lectured. In 1924 he was among the participants of the International Mathematical Congress in Toronto, Canada. In 1928, M.M. Krylov, as a delegate to the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, took part in an international mathematical congress in Bologna (Italy) and the International Electrotechnical Congress which was held in Paris. During 1926-1927 M.M. Krylov had been held conferences and lectures at scientific institutions and educational institutions in Western Europe. In particular, in the Neapolitan Academy of Sciences, Naples University, the Mathematical Institute of the University of Bologna, the University of Strasbourg and the Paris Mathematical Society. He also lectured for the professorship of the University of Coimbra in Portugal.

For the fruitful scientific work of M.M. Krylov in 1929 he was awarded the title of Honored Scientist of the Ukrainian SSR. He was elected as an honorary member of the American Mathematical Society, the American Mathematical Association, the French Mathematical Society.

During the 50-year period that Krylov dedicated to his scientific work, he published about 180 books and articles on mathematical physics and mathematics. His main works relate to interpolation, approximate integration of differential equations of mathematical physics, nonlinear mechanics. M.M. Krylov developed a number of new methods for solving the problems of mathematical physics, applicable both to prove the existence of solutions, and for their actual construction. Since 1932, M.M. Krylov, together with M.M. Bogolyubov, devoted most of his scientific work to the problems of the theory of nonlinear oscillation processes, in which they managed to lay the foundations of nonlinear mechanics.

Nikolay Mitrofanovich Krylov left life on May 11, 1955 in Moscow.


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