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Foundation of the institute (1934) Formation of the institute (1934-1944) Post-war revival (1945-1959) Development of the institute (1960-1989) Modern stage (1990-...) The Institute of Mathematics (in russian, pdf, 19.5mb, 176p.) Report of the Institute of Mathematics of NASU in 2019 (in ukrainian, pdf, 1.4mb, 55p.)

Foundation of the institute

The Institute of Mathematics of NASU was created on February 13, 1934, at the meeting of the Presidium of the All-Ukrainian Academy of Sciences among 22 other scientific institutions in connection with the implementation of a set of activities related to the transition of All-Ukrainian Academy of Sciences (VUAN) to a new organizational structure (Minutes No. 6 of the Presidium of the VUAN of February 13, 1934 ). As a result, the Institute of Mathematics had included former departments of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Department of VUAN: Applied Mathematics (headed by D. O. Grave), pure mathematics (G. V. Pfeiffer) and mathematical statistics (M. P. Kravchuk). D. O. Grave was appointed director of the Institute of Mathematics.

The seventy-year history of the Institute of Mathematics can be divided into four periods:

  1. formation (1934 - 1944)
  2. post-war reconstruction (1945 - 1959)
  3. development (1960 - 1989)
  4. modern stage of development (1990 - 2003)

Scientific schools

During all 70 years the Institute of Mathematics fulfilled its main purpose - conducting fundamental researches and training of highly skilled scientific personnel. In the course of this work, the institute created well-known scientific schools, which continue to function until now:

  1. Nonlinear mechanics and oscillation theory (M. M. Bogolyubov, Yu. O. Mitropolsky, A. M. Samoilenko)
  2. Mathematical physics (M. M. Bogolyubov, Yu. O. Mitropolsky, O. S. Parasyuk, D. Ya. Petrin, V. I. Fushchych, Yu. I. Samoilenko)
  3. Theory of differential equations and dynamical systems (M. P. Kravchuk, Yu. D. Sokolov, A. M. Samoilenko, O. M. Sharkovsky)
  4. Functional analysis (S. Banakh, M. G. Kerin, Yu. M. Berezansky, I. V. Skrypnyk, M. L. Gorbachuk, Yu. S. Samoilenko)
  5. Theory of Probability and Statistics (M. P. Kravchuk, B. V. Gnedenko, A. V. Skorokhod, V. S. Korolyuk, M. I. Portenko)
  6. Theory of functions (M. A. Lavrentyev, M. P. Korneichuk, V. K. Dzyadyk, A. I. Stepanets, P. M. Tamrazov)
  7. Mathematical problems of mechanics and computational mathematics (M. A. Lavrentyev, A. Yu. Ishlinsky, V. M. Koshlyakov, I. O. Lukovsky, V. L. Makarov)
  8. Algebra and topology (D. O. Grave, V. M. Glushkov, O. V. Pogorelov, S. M. Chernikov, A. V. Roiter, V. V. Sharko)
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