Prof. Victor Lehenkyi

Institute of Mathematical Machines and Systems Problems
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
42 Glushkova Avenue
03680, Kiev

Phone: +380 (44) 526 24 97 (office)
Fax: +380 (44) 526 64 57 (office)
E-mail: (official)
E-mail: (private)

Area of Expertise:
Flight Dynamics
Optimal & Terminal Control
Symmetry Analysis of Differential Equations
Parametric Analysis of Dynamical Systems

Academic Background:
D.Sc. in Eng.: 1996, Institute of Airforce, Kyiv
Ph.D. in Eng.: 1987, Institute of Airforce, Kyiv
M.Sc. in Math. [magna cum laude, red diploma] : 1992, Kyiv State University (Supervisor Prof. W.I. Fushchych)
M.Sc. in Electrical Eng. [summa cum laude, gold medal] : 1981, Institute of Airforce, Kyiv

Professional Experience:
2001-till now
Leading Researcher at the Institute of Mathematical Machines and Systems Problems NAS of Ukraine
Senior Researcher (part-time) at the Department of Applied Research Institute of Mathematics NAS of Ukraine
Senior Researcher at the Institute of Modeling Problems in Energetic NAS of Ukraine
Senior Researcher at the MNII IPM "Ritm" National Technical University of Ukraine
(Post-graduate Student, Senior Researcher, Chief Researcher) at the Institute of Airforce
Senior Engineer at the Special Airforce Metrological Laboratory
Instructor at the Airforce Mechanics School

1988 - Medal named Nikolay Pilyugin (Federation of Cosmonaut's of Soviet Union).

Mathematical and Computer Modelling

Scientific Visits
Lehrstuhl fur Systemtheorie und Regelungstechnik, Saarland University (Saarbrucken, Germany, 2011)
Institut des Hautes Etudes Scientifigues (IHES) (Bures-Sur-Yvette, France, 2002)
Institut fur Regelungs- und Steuerungstheorie, Technische Universitat Dresden (Dresden, Germany, 2000, 2003)
Control Systems Department at the Institute of Cybernetics at TUT (Tallinn, Estonia, 1999)

Selected Publications

*** Lehenkyi, Victor = Legen'kii, V.I.

  1. Lehenkyi V.I., Modern computer algebra methods in solving control problems, part in book: Institute of Mathematical Machines and Systems Problems: 50 years Of Scientific Research, Kiev, (2014), 366-378 (in Russian). [pdf].
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  3. Lehenkyi V. and Rudolph J., Group Properties of Third Order Control Systems, Math. Mach. and Sys. 4 (2011), 116-124 (in Ukrainian).
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