Symmetry, Integrability and Geometry: Methods and Applications (SIGMA)

Special Issue in honor of Anatol Kirillov and Tetsuji Miwa

The Guest Editors for this special issue are

Atsuo Kuniba (University of Tokyo, Japan)
Hiraku Nakajima (Kyoto University, Japan)
Tomoki Nakanishi (Nagoya University, Japan)
Masato Okado (Osaka University, Japan)
Takahiro Shiota (Kyoto University, Japan)
Yoshihiro Takeyama (University of Tsukuba, Japan)

This special issue is published in conjunction with the Infinite Analysis 13 workshops at Kyoto University: “Infinite Analysis: Past, Present and Future” (March 4–6, 2013, Department of Mathematics) and “Bethe Ansatz, Quantum Groups and Beyond” (March 7–9, 2013, Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences), which, respectively, were held in honor of Professor Tetsuji Miwa and Professor Anatol Kirillov on the occasion of their retirement from Kyoto University.

The issue contains 20 papers with the total of 479 pages.

We would like to thank all the authors who contributed papers and all the referees for providing us with valuable reports.

With gratitude we dedicate this special issue of SIGMA to both Professor Kirillov and Professor Miwa.

The Guest Editors        

Papers in this Issue:

Functions Characterizing the Ground State of the XXZ Spin-1/2 Chain in the Thermodynamic Limit
Maxime Dugave, Frank Göhmann and Karol Kajetan Kozlowski
SIGMA 10 (2014), 043, 18 pages   [ abs   pdf ]
Mystic Reflection Groups
Yuri Bazlov and Arkady Berenstein
SIGMA 10 (2014), 040, 11 pages   [ abs   pdf ]
Fusion Procedure for Cyclotomic Hecke Algebras
Oleg V. Ogievetsky and Loïc Poulain d'Andecy
SIGMA 10 (2014), 039, 13 pages   [ abs   pdf ]
Modules with Demazure Flags and Character Formulae
Vyjayanthi Chari, Lisa Schneider, Peri Shereen and Jeffrey Wand
SIGMA 10 (2014), 032, 16 pages   [ abs   pdf ]
Rigged Configurations and Kashiwara Operators
Reiho Sakamoto
SIGMA 10 (2014), 028, 88 pages   [ abs   pdf ]
Symmetry Groups of An Hypergeometric Series
Yasushi Kajihara
SIGMA 10 (2014), 026, 29 pages   [ abs   pdf ]
Dispersionless BKP Hierarchy and Quadrant Löwner Equation
Takashi Takebe
SIGMA 10 (2014), 023, 13 pages   [ abs   pdf ]
Commutative Families of the Elliptic Macdonald Operator
Yosuke Saito
SIGMA 10 (2014), 021, 17 pages   [ abs   pdf ]
The Sturm-Liouville Hierarchy of Evolution Equations and Limits of Algebro-Geometric Initial Data
Russell Johnson and Luca Zampogni
SIGMA 10 (2014), 020, 23 pages   [ abs   pdf ]
The (n,1)-Reduced DKP Hierarchy, the String Equation and W Constraints
Johan van de Leur
SIGMA 10 (2014), 007, 19 pages   [ abs   pdf ]
The Master T-Operator for Inhomogeneous XXX Spin Chain and mKP Hierarchy
Anton Zabrodin
SIGMA 10 (2014), 006, 18 pages   [ abs   pdf ]
Symmetries and Special Solutions of Reductions of the Lattice Potential KdV Equation
Christopher M. Ormerod
SIGMA 10 (2014), 002, 19 pages   [ abs   pdf ]
A Centerless Virasoro Algebra of Master Symmetries for the Ablowitz-Ladik Hierarchy
Luc Haine and Didier Vanderstichelen
SIGMA 9 (2013), 079, 42 pages   [ abs   pdf ]
Integrable Hierarchy of the Quantum Benjamin-Ono Equation
Maxim Nazarov and Evgeny Sklyanin
SIGMA 9 (2013), 078, 14 pages   [ abs   pdf ]
Boundary Interactions for the Semi-Infinite q-Boson System and Hyperoctahedral Hall-Littlewood Polynomials
Jan Felipe van Diejen and Erdal Emsiz
SIGMA 9 (2013), 077, 12 pages   [ abs   pdf ]
The Algebra of a q-Analogue of Multiple Harmonic Series
Yoshihiro Takeyama
SIGMA 9 (2013), 061, 15 pages   [ abs   pdf ]
Bethe Vectors of Quantum Integrable Models with GL(3) Trigonometric R-Matrix
Samuel Belliard, Stanislav Pakuliak, Eric Ragoucy and Nikita A. Slavnov
SIGMA 9 (2013), 058, 23 pages   [ abs   pdf ]
Extended T-System of Type G2
Jian-Rong Li and Evgeny Mukhin
SIGMA 9 (2013), 054, 28 pages   [ abs   pdf ]
A Common Structure in PBW Bases of the Nilpotent Subalgebra of Uq(g) and Quantized Algebra of Functions
Atsuo Kuniba, Masato Okado and Yasuhiko Yamada
SIGMA 9 (2013), 049, 23 pages   [ abs   pdf ]
Combinatorial Formulae for Nested Bethe Vectors
Vitaly Tarasov and Alexander Varchenko
SIGMA 9 (2013), 048, 28 pages   [ abs   pdf ]

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