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Georgiy  Voronoї  

(1868 - 1908)

Short  biography  of  G. Voronoї 

Georgiy Voronoї   was born in the village Zhuravka (now Varva District, Chernihiv Region of Ukraine) on April 16(28), 1868. He was graduated from the Pryluky Gimnasia (High School) in 1885, and from the St.Petersburg University in 1889. He was left at the university to prepare his Master thesis. After defending the thesis in 1894 he became a Professor of the Warsaw University. From autumn of 1898, G.Voronoї  also became Professor of the Warsaw Polytechnical Institute where he was a Dean of Mechanics Faculty. Voronoї defended his doctorate thesis in 1897, and in 1907 he was elected a Correspondence Member of the Petersburg Academy of Sciences.  In 1905-1907, both Warsaw University and Warsaw Polytechnical Institute were closed because of revolutionary events. At that time Donskoi Polytechnical Institute was founded in Novocherkassk and Voronoї worked there as a Dean of the Mechanics Faculty. 

Georgiy Voronoї kept ties with Zhuravka along all his life. He came there every year during summer vacations, there he thought about his research papers. Voronoї  suffered from a disease of the gallbladder, in autumn of 1908 his disease passed on to the acute form, and Georgiy Voronoї died on  November 7(20), 1908. He was buried in Zhuravka according to his last will.

Scientific heritadge

G. Voronoї  worked mainly in the field of the Number Theory. His  scientific publications  started several new directions of research in  analytic number theory, algebraic number theory, theory of functions, he essentially contributed to  geometry of numbers, a field introduced by H.Minkowski.  His thorough investigation of the Dirichlet-Voronoi  domain  opened  a  broad  range  of  applications  in  science   and technology. Likewise, his investigations of perfect forms were a  significant contribution to the theory of quadratic forms and greatly stimulated the research in this field of pure mathematics.  But only in our time the real significance of his works became fully elucidated.  His works gained considerable importance in the last thirty years due to development of many modern fields of science  and the usage of "Voronoi diagrams" in many domains.  The Complete Voronoї Works  (in three volumes) were published  by the Institute of Mathematics of Ukraine in 1952-53.

Voronoi diagrams were introduced to theoretical computer science in the middle of the 1970s. Meanwhile, the Voronoi diagram has become so ubiquitous in geometric algorithms design that some people date the birth of computational geometry to this event. A good percentage of papers in the computational geometry literature is directly or indirectly concerned with Voronoi diagrams and their related structures. They used now in different scientific investigations from microbiology to cosmos, this mathematical object is used in hundreds of articles and a number of comprehensive monographs,  just to mention the book by  A.Okabe,  B. Boots,  K. Sugihara and Sung Nok Chiu “Spatial  Tessellations:  Concepts and Applications of Voronoi Diagrams” (Wiley, 2000, second ed.,672 pp.).
Extraordinary popularity of Voronoi diagrams does not diminish the significance of  his other ideas and results. Almost each of his works has now its continuation.

VD-conferences, devoted to Voronoi diagrams:

a)   1st   International Symposium on Voronoi Diagrams in Science and Engineering  (ISVD 2004),
September, 2004 University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan 

b) 2nd   International Symposium on Voronoi Diagrams in Science and Engineering
(ISVD 2005), October 2005,  Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea

c)  Workshop  “ The World a Jigsaw: Tessellations in the Sciences”, March 2006,  Lorentz Center, Leiden, Netherlands      

d) 3rd  International Symposium on Voronoi Diagrams (ISVD 2006), July 2006,  Calgary, Canada       

e)  4th  International Symposium on Voronoi Diagrams (ISVD 2007), July, 2007 University of Glamorgan, Wales, UK

The  Voronoї conferences, devoted to  the Number Theory and  Spatial Tessellations held in  Kyiv,  Ukraine.

The Institute of Mathematics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine together with some others scientific and  educational institutions of Ukraine organized  three International Voronoї conferences  (1993, 1998, 2003) . Web pages of the last two of them are: 



   A special  volume (in two books)  Vorono
ї’s Impact on Modern  Science  was issued by the Institute of Mathematics in 1998.