Kyiv, August 22-26, 2001

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Abstract preparation guidelines

We would be grateful if you could prepare the abstract of your talk (not to exceed 1 page) in LaTeX format using template below, and send it via e-mail to before May 31, 2001. After that date, we cannot gaurantee that your text will appear in the book of Conference abstracts.

Please, avoid nonstandard LaTeX packages and unnecessary local definitions.

If preparing LaTeX file and/or sending it via e-mail is a problem for you, we can accept any other common method of submitting, including sending hardcopy to the Conference address.

Sample LaTeX file of abstract:


\author{A. Author}



We consider the extension of the method from \cite{IP1} to ...

\bibitem{IP1} A. Ivanov and P. Petrov, Some paper,
\textit{Ukrain. Math. J.}, \textbf{53} (2001), No.~1, 120--152.


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