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Open  Problems in  Dynamical Systems & Ergodic Theory

Welcome!  This collection of Open Problems in Dynamical Systems & Ergodic Theory   originated from the Katsiveli - 2000  Open Problems Session (Chairman - Benjamin Weiss). New problems are being added to it.

 If you would like to submit some open problems to this page, please send them to me in the form of TEX or LATEX files. Please make sure that the introduction and references to your open problems are as complete as possible (simply because this is helpful to readers who attempt to solve them). I would also appreciate any notification of open problems in "DS & ET" web links (some of them you can find also here).

  Anyone who has never had any (open) problem has never tried anything new. Anyone who has published a paper has solved a problem and maybe has some other open problems. Why not to present them at this www page? :-)

Sergiy Kolyada 
Geometric Models of Pisot Substitutions and Non-Commutative Arithmetic
Submitted by Pierre Arnoux Corrections - 29.11.2001

Ergodic Ramsey Theory - an  Update

Submitted by Vitaly Bergelson    ( See also:   http://www.math.ohio-state.edu/~vitaly/ )


Dense Periodic Points in Cellular Automata

Submitted by Francois Blanchard


Non-Discrete Locally Compact Second Countable Groups

Submitted by Sergey Gefter

Martingale Convergence and Ergodic Theorems
Submitted by Alexander Kachurovskii The problem is closed - 21.10.2002

Entropy, Periodic Points and Transitivity of Maps
Submitted by Sergiy Kolyada   &  Lubomir Snoha Corrections - 26.10.2002

Natural Spectral Isomorphisms

Submitted by Jan Kwiatkowski


Density of Periodic Orbit Measures for Piecewise Monotonic Interval Maps

Submitted by Peter Raith


Polygonal Billiards: Some Open Problems

Submitted by Pascal Hubert   &  Serge Troubetzkoy


Is Any Kind of Mixing Possible in "ToP" N-actions?

Submitted by Tomasz Downarowicz   &  Xiangdong Ye         ( See also:   hefei.dvi )


Six Problems in Algebraic Dynamics

Submitted by Thomas Ward Corrections - 06.02.2007

Problems on Billiards

Submitted by Eugene Gutkin


Is entropy effectively computable?

Submitted by John Milnor


Discrete logistic map

Submitted by Michal Misiurewicz


Does minimal action by the group of measure preserving transformations imply the existence of a uniquely ergodic transformation for a measure on a Cantor set?

Submitted by Ethan Akin


For minimal systems does Li-Yorke sensitivity occur exactly for extensions of nontrivial weak mixing systems?

Submitted by Ethan Akin   &  Sergiy Kolyada Corrections - 06.02.2007

The Law of Series

Submitted by Tomasz Downarowicz   &  Yves Lacroix


Problems on billiards, flat surfaces and translation surfaces

Submitted by Pascal Hubert,   Howard Masur,   Thomas Schmidt   &   Anton Zorich   (see also comments by Anton Zorich )


Open problems in dynamics and related fields

Submitted by Alexander Gorodnik


Open problem session - Sde-Boker 2013

Submitted by Barak Weiss

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