Dynamical Systems and Ergodic Theory

 Katsiveli (Crimea, UKRAINE), August 21 -- 30, 2000

International Conference,  Mini-Courses and Ukrainian-US Workshop 

Dedicated to the memory of Vladimir Mikhailovich Alexeyev (1932-1980)
This  meeting  will be organized by Institute of Mathematics and Institute for Low Temperature Physics and Engineering of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine together with Institut de Mathematiques de Luminy and Universite de Tours, France
Institut de Mathematiques de LuminyInstitute for Low Temperature Physics and Engineering of the NASUUniversite Francois RabelaisInstitute of Mathematics of NAS of Ukraine

and  will be partially sponsored by the INTAS OPEN-97 grant 1843 and INTAS Monitoring Conference Grants, Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), Ministry of Sciences and Technologies of Ukraine, Center for DYNAMICAL SYSTEMS at Penn State University(US), European Science Foundation - PRODYN, European Mathematical Society, CRDF - Ukrainian-U.S. Scientific Workshop Grants ( a joint program with the National Science Foundation)(US), ProMathematica (France)
Centre National De La Recherche ScientifiqueINTAS Monitoring Conference GrantsCENTER for DYNAMICAL SYSTEMS at Penn State UniversityEropean Science Foundation - PRODYNEuropean Mathematical SocietyU.S. Civilian Research and Development FoundationNational Science FoundationINTAS OPEN-97ProMathematika

It will be held at the summer residence of the National  Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (NASU) in Katsiveli, a resort with  hotel facilities.  Katsiveli is a small town located on the seashore between Yalta and Sevastopol
The program of the meeting will include: short speeches/recollections of Anatole Katok, Alexander Sharkovsky and Anatole Stepin, minicourses, 50-minute lectures, and 30-minute talks.

Listed below are 

Schedule of Events 

August 20 : Registration of participants

August 21 : Opening of the meeting

August 21 : Party for the participants

August 21 - 25 and 27 - 30: Working days of the meeting

August 26 : Free day and excursions

August 29 : Banquet

August 31 : Closing of the meeting and departure


We offer a few different types of accommodation in Katsiveli. All prices below include meals in a restaurant located in the summer residence. If a participant prefers to have his/her meals in another place then these
prices will be reduced:  (i) single room - 50 USD per day (including meals) (ii) the room shared with another participant - 25 USD per day (including meals).

If you would like to find a cheaper lodging, the organizing committee will help you with accommodation in other hotels and private apartments. Nevertheless all participants will be able to
have their lunch at the conference place. 


The organizers will publish the proceedings of the meeting  and/or the notes of the mini-courses with  one of the leading mathematical publishers. Presently we are in communication with two of them. The final decision will be taken in a few weeks. 

Travel to Katsiveli

The participants from the countries of the former Soviet Union can easily get to Simferopol (one of the biggest Crimean cities) by train or by plane. For other participants we would suggest to take  a direct flight to Simferopol (from Germany, Israel, Turkey). If you are unable to find a convenient flight from your country to Simferopol, you may arrive first to Kiev (the Borispol airport). In this case we are ready to help with reservation of return tickets for regular flights between Kiev and Simferopol. Depending on the number of participants coming first to Kiev, we can organize a charter flight to Simferopol and back to Kiev (we expect that the price will be around $150 per person).

The organizers intend to meet  participants of the meeting at the railway station and the airport of Simferopol and then bring them to Katsiveli. We will give the details in the third announcement that will be sent out at the end of July. All information can also be found on the web page of the meeting 

http://www.imath.kiev.ua/~skolyada/kats2000.html .

To help us to provide this service, please let us know the date and time of your arrival to Simferopol or to Kiev as soon as possible. For it  make an online  registration  here 


and/or  inform us  by e-mail  

kats2000@imath.kiev.ua .

The payment for the return trip between Simferopol and Katsiveli is 20 USD and is included into the  fee. The fee will be reduced for this sum if a participant comes to Katsiveli  without our help.

As it was planned earlier, we will meet all participants at Simferopol rail station and airports. At the airports, a representative of the organizing committee will be waiting for you nearby the entrance to the international section keeping a poster with the well known abbreviation "Katsiveli - 2000". It will be impossible to miss each other. At the rail station of Simferopol you will be met at the center of platform 1 nearby the right corner of the main building (watch for the same poster). To help us, please be sure that you informed us about the exact time of your arrival. For a participant who is well-informed about Crimea, it is not a problem to reach Katsiveli by himself (herself)..

Registration  fee

The  fee is 100 USD for each participant (and 60 USD for a participant who is not going to take part in the  receptions). This fee will be used for:
(1) the round trip from Simferopol to Katsiveli; (2) two receptions during the meeting; (3) preparing  materials of the meeting; (4) access to Internet.

The Organizing Committee expects that all participants will pay the fee before  July 1, 2000. Please transfer your payment 
     TO: JSB KIEV Acc. No 04-404-918 
     WITH: Bankers Trust Company. New York. USA 
     S.W.I.F.T.: BKTR US 33 
     Beneficiary:  Ukrainian Charitable Foundation for Furthering 
     Development of Mathematical Science 
     a/c 2600 60000 113 30

If you cannot pay the fee by this date but is going to come to Katsiveli, please contact the Committee to allow us to make the reservation. 
The organizing committee is expecting to have a fund to support some participants. Applications for such a support are especially welcome from the participants from the countries of Eastern Europe and students. If you would like to obtain  such a support please contact the organizers before June, 1.  The final decision will be made after this date.

The  registration  and  all other payments will  take place in the summer residence  on the evening of  August, 20 and morning of August, 21.

The easiest way (for the organizers and participants) to pay for the living expenses and conference fee is to bring cash (US dollars only) in your hands. In order to get cash in Ukrainian banks, one can use either travel checks (American Express, Thomas Cook) or credit cards (Visa, MasterCard). Please be aware that in this case we will have to organize your trip to the nearest bank to Alupka or Yalta because Katsiveli is a very small town and there is no bank branch in Katsiveli. Personal checks are not accepted.

If you wish to convert a currency to Ukrainian hryvnya, please remember that only US dollars and German marks are accepted by every currency exchange bureau (even in Katsiveli). To convert other hard currencies, someone needs to visit a bank branch in Yalta.


As far as we know, all travels to Ukraine (except several countries of Eastern Europe and the former SU) need to have a visa to enter to Ukraine.

For getting such a visa, please apply to the nearest Ukrainian Embassy or Consulate in your country.

According to information from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, there are quite new rules for getting a Ukrainian visa. If you are a citizen of the USA, Canada or a country of Western Europe and you are going to attend a conference in Ukraine, then you do not need to have an official invitation.

Nevertheless if you wish to receive an official invitation of the Organizing Committee, please let us know it as soon as possible. We will be glad to answer any your questions.


We would recommend to take part in excursions planned by the organizing committee. Please let us know which excursions are the most attractive for you. .

The weather in Crimea in August is dry and warm with daily temperature around 30 C. Don't forget your swimming suit (the hotel is approximately 100 meters from the sea).

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact         Sergiy Kolyada                         Mail addressskolyada@imath.kiev.ua
  Last updated July 12, 2000