Symmetry, Integrability and Geometry: Methods and Applications (SIGMA)

Proceedings of the XVIIth International Colloquium on Integrable Systems and Quantum Symmetries (June 19−22, 2008, Prague, Czech Republic)

The Guest Editors for this special issue are

Cestmir Burdík (Czech Technical University, Prague, Czech Republic)
Ziemowit Popowicz (Uniwersytet Wroclawski, Wroclaw, Poland)

The present collection includes papers by participants of the XVIIth International Colloquium on Integrable Systems and Quantum Symmetries, held at Prague, Czech Republic, June 19−22, 2008.

The issue contains 8 papers with the total of 95 pages.

Papers in this Issue:

Determinantal Representation of the Time-Dependent Stationary Correlation Function for the Totally Asymmetric Simple Exclusion Model
Nikolay M. Bogoliubov
SIGMA 5 (2009), 052, 11 pages   [ abs   pdf   ps ]
Limits of Gaudin Systems: Classical and Quantum Cases
Alexander Chervov, Gregorio Falqui and Leonid Rybnikov
SIGMA 5 (2009), 029, 17 pages   [ abs   pdf   ps ]
Conformal Killing-Yano Tensors on Manifolds with Mixed 3-Structures
Stere Ianus, Mihai Visinescu and Gabriel Eduard Vîlcu
SIGMA 5 (2009), 022, 12 pages   [ abs   pdf   ps ]
Derivations of the Moyal Algebra and Noncommutative Gauge Theories
Jean-Christophe Wallet
SIGMA 5 (2009), 013, 25 pages   [ abs   pdf   ps ]
On Integrability of a Special Class of Two-Component (2+1)-Dimensional Hydrodynamic-Type Systems
Maxim V. Pavlov and Ziemowit Popowicz
SIGMA 5 (2009), 011, 10 pages   [ abs   pdf   ps ]
Heisenberg-Type Families in Uq(^sl2)
Alexander Zuevsky
SIGMA 5 (2009), 006,   4 pages   [ abs   pdf   ps ]
Remarks on Multi-Dimensional Conformal Mechanics
Cestmír Burdík and Armen Nersessian
SIGMA 5 (2009), 004,   8 pages   [ abs   pdf   ps ]
Multicomponent Burgers and KP Hierarchies, and Solutions from a Matrix Linear System
Aristophanes Dimakis and Folkert Müller-Hoissen
SIGMA 5 (2009), 002, 18 pages   [ abs   pdf   ps ]

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