Wilhelm Fushchych

18.12.1936 - 07.04.1997

memorial page

We dedicate this page to the memory of outstanding Ukrainian mathematical physicist, the first Head of Department of Applied Research of Institute of Mathematics of NAS of Ukraine, Corresponding Member of NAS of Ukraine Prof. Dr. Sc. Wilhelm Fushchych (1936-1997). Professor Fushchych was the founder of the Ukrainian school of group-theoretical analysis of differential equations. The field of research interests of Wilhelm Fushchych included also the quantum field theory, the theory of representations of Lie groups and algebras, subgroup analysis of Lie groups, etc. His brief scientific biography is available here.

If you can share with us your memories about Professor Fushchych, please send your stories by e-mail: appmath@imath.kiev.ua

W. Fushchych has founded a new international journal - "Journal of Nonlinear Mathematical Physics".

Professor Fushchych initiated the series of research conferences "Symmetry in Nonlinear Mathematical Physics".

Wilhelm Fushchych authored nine books and more than 330 research papers. We present below the full list of his monographs and the list of his research papers from 1959 to 2000.  If you click on the name of the paper, you will download the file of this paper (in PDF format). Please contact us if you have any difficulties with downloading the files.


W.I. Fushchych, Selected Works, Kyiv, Naukova Dumka, 2005, 448 p.
Research Papers (PDF files of 320 selected articles, total 3149 pages)

Volume 1 (1959-1978) (57 articles, 533 pages)

Volume 2 (1979-1985) (52 articles, 580 pages)

Volume 3 (1986-1989) (56 articles, 625 pages)

Volume 4 (1990-1992) (69 articles, 575 pages)

Volume 5 (1993-1995) (51 articles, 519 pages)

Volume 6 (1996-2000) (35 articles, 317 pages)

Click here to get a listing of Wilhelm Fushchych's papers from the AMS MathSciNet with links to Mathematical Reviews (Note: You or your institution must have a valid MathSciNet subscription).


Letter of Ol'ga Fushchych (wife of Wilhelm Fushchych)

The papers were typeset and edited by W. Fushchych's former graduate student Dr. Vyacheslav Boyko with the help and support of Ol'ga Fushchych.

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