Внизу я привожу те письма, которые ты и твой шеф будут слать хостам для затравки
Образец письма от тебя:
Subject: I'm looking for Postdoctoral Fellowship
Dear Professor Johnson,
My name is Ivan Ivanenko. I am Ph.D.-student at the Institute of Mathematics of the NAS of Ukraine. Currently, I am working towards completion of my Ph.D.-thesis entitled "название по-английски", that will be defended approximately in January - February 200... . The thesis are devoted to (1-2 предложения). My supervisor is Prof. Petro Stetsenko of Institute of Mathematics of Nat. Acad. Sci. of Ukraine. The research group I belong to was founded by the late Acad. Prof. Taras Baranenko.

I am taking the liberty of contacting you directly because I would like to apply for the Halyava Fellowship and work under your supervision if my application is successful.

Please, find my CV as an attached file (cvIvan.ps). The electronic versions of my 3 major papers will be sent separately.

Please let me know if you are interested in such a collaboration.

Ivan Ivanenko.

Institute of Mathematics NAS of Ukraine
3 Tereshchenkivska Street
01004 Kyiv, UKRAINE
Fax: (044) 225 2010
E-mail: ivan@imath.kiev.ua


Письмо от шефа:

Dear Professor Johnson,

I am writing to inquire whether you are interested to consider a possibility to have my Ph.D. Student Ivan Ivanenko within the framework of the Halyava Fellowship.

His principal topic of research is (1-2 предложения). We got a number of nice results in this field and by now Ivan Ivanenko has completed his Ph.D. thesis and is expected to defend it in the early spring, 2003.

I would characterized Ivan Ivanenko as talented and extremely hard-working person. As an evidence of this I would mention that he has completed Ph.D. thesis within the two years period and has published already two papers in American Journal of Mathematics and a paper in Journal of the American Mathematical Society, three more papers have been accepted for publication.

I am enclosing to your kind attention his CV. In addition, I have sent you by ordinary mail some our publications including three papers on . . . published by Ivan Ivanenko and me.

Looking forward to your answer, yours sincerely

Petro Stetsenko

Professor Petro Stetsenko
Institute of Mathematics NAS of Ukraine
3 Tereshchenkivska Street
01004 Kyiv, UKRAINE
Fax: (044) 235 2010
E-mail: petro@imath.kiev.ua

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