First Circular

Voronoi Conference on Analytic Number Theory and Space Tilings

1. General Information

1.1 Introduction

The Ukrainian Mathematical Society, the Institute of Mathematics Nat. Acad. Sci. Ukraine, the T.Shevchenko National University, M.Dragomanov National Pedagogical University, and the M.Gogol Nizhyn State Pedagogical Institute take the pleasure in inviting you to the Second Voronoi Conference on Analytic Number Theory and Space Tilings to be held in Kyiv from 7th to 14th September 1998.

The Conference will be held in honor of the eminent Ukrainian Mathematician George Voronoi (1868-1908) who was born in Zhuravka, a small village a 160 km east of Kyiv. The Conference will take place at the University of Kyiv. The organizing committee will make all efforts to offer you an enjoyable stay.

1.2 Organizing Committee

  • Acad. Volodymyr Korolyuk (Ukraine), chairman
  • Acad. Mykola Shkil' (Ukraine), vice-chairman
  • PD. Dr. Peter Engel (Switzerland), vice-chairman
  • Corr. memb. Olexander Stepanets (Ukraine), vice-chairman
  • Dr. Halyna Syta (Ukraine), secretary;
  • Prof. Mykola Chernikov,
  • Dr. Tatiana Karataeva,
  • Dr. Herman Dzyubenko,
  • Prof. Volodymyr Kyrychenko,
  • Dr. Pavlo Kyrychuk,
  • Dr. Myykola Nazarenko,
  • Dr. Vasyl Ostrovskyi,
  • Corr. memb. Mykola Perestyuk,
  • Dr. Alla Polishchuk,
  • Dr. Anatoly Serdyuk,
  • Dr. Halyna Shvets,
  • Dr. Yaroslav Vynnyshyn,
  • Prof. Vasyl Yakovets,
  • Dr. Irina Yegorchenko,
  • Natalia Ryabova (Ukraine).
  • Address of the Organizing Committee:
    Voronoi Conference
    Dr. H. Syta
    Inst. of Mathematics Nat. Acad. Sci. Ukraine
    252601 Kyiv-4, Tereshchenkivska str.,3

    1.3 Programme Committee

  • Acad. Igor Skrypnik (Ukraine) -- chairman
  • Acad. Yury Berezansky (Ukraine)
  • PD Dr. Peter Engel (Switzerland),
  • Acad. Volodymyr Korolyuk (Ukraine),
  • Prof. Volodymyr Kyrychenko (Ukraine),
  • Prof. Antanas Laurincikas (Lithuania),
  • Prof. Nikolai Medvedev (Russia),
  • Prof. Jesper Moller (Denmark),
  • Prof. Sergei S. Ryshkov (Russia),
  • Acad. Anatolii Samoilenko (Ukraine),
  • Prof. Andrzej Schinzel (Poland),
  • Prof. Marjorie Senechal (USA),
  • Prof. Vitaly Sushchanskyi (Ukraine),
  • Dr. Halyna Syta (Ukraine),
  • Prof. Masaharu Tanemura (Japan),
  • Prof. Rien van de Weygaert (the Netherlands),
  • Corr. memb. Mykhailo Yadrenko (Ukraine),
  • Prof. Vasyl Yakovets (Ukraine).
  • 1.4 Travel

    Participants will make their own arrangements for the travel to Kyiv. A Conference bus will bring the participants from the Air Port or Railway Station to the University of Kyiv.

    1.5 Accommodations

    All participants will be accommodated at the University's Student Hotel in small flats of good standard with entrence hall, a two-bed room, kitchen, toilet and bathroom.
    Tickets for breakfast (US $2.- each), lunch (US $5.- each), and supper (US $5.- each) can be bought every morning at the Conference desk at least one day before the meal.

    2. Scientific Programme

    2.1 Introduction

    The scientific programme consists of full and short lectures and of poster presentations. Abstracts shall be submitted in English until 31th May. Abstracts will be distributed at the beginning of the Conference.

    2.2 Topics of the Conference

  •  Analytic Number Theory
  •  Algebraic Number Theory
  •  Voronoi Method of Summability
  •  Probabilistic Models for Voronoi Tessellations
  •  Space Tilings
  •  Applications of Voronoi Domains in Natural Sciences
  • 2.3 Presentations of the lectures

    The lectures will be presented at the lecture halls of the University. Full lectures of 45 minutes will be given in the morning. Short lectures of 30 minutes will be held in parallel sessions in the afternoon. Overhead projection facilities will be available.

    3. Social Events

    On Monday 7th September, - the arrival day, -- a visit to the open air museum will be organized, in the evening an informal come together meeting will take place.

    On Thursday afternoon (10th) conference excursion to the historical monuments of golden Kyiv will take place. The conference banquet will be held on Friday (11th).

    For accompanying persons sightseeing tours to Kyiv and its surrounding will be organized every day for low price.

    After Conference Excursion

    From Saturday 12th to Sunday 13th September a two-day excursion to Zhuravka, the birth place of Voronoi and the palce of his grave, to ancient Chernigiv and Nizhyn will be proposed. For night, the participants will be accommodated in the City Hotel at Nizhyn.

    If you are interested in our further information, please, let us know to the addresses above indicated.

    Last modified: August 10, 1998