Aleksandr ZHELTUKHIN  and  Dmytro UVAROV
NSC Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology,
1 Academicheskaya Str.,
61108, Kharkov, UKRAINE

Tensor central charge coordinates, twistors and integrable branes with extra supersymmetry

Exactly solvable p-brane/sting model with extra supersymmetry is proposed. Effect of the supersymmetry enhancement due to the presence of tensor central charge (TCC) cooordinates is studied. It is shown that the extra supersymmetry of the model is accompanied by the presence of new bosonic gauge symmetries describing shifts of the antisymmetric TCC coordinates by the null multivectors. The gauge symmetries of the model permit to use composed coordinates invariant under these symmetries and identified  with the components of the symplectic supertwistor encoding all physical degrees of freedom. A fine tuning of the gauge symmetries results in the minimal spontaneous breaking of the N = 1 supersymmetry and manifests itself by the OSp(1,2M) symmetry of the super p-brane/string action.