Institute for Nuclear Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences,
60-th October Anniversary prospect 7a,
Moscow 117312, RUSSIA

Space rotation

An attempt to create the system of the physical reality description applied to the space rotations is undertaken. This approach extends the conception of the space symmetry for the O(3) space rotation groups on basis of the evolution of the ideas of relativity and on the suggestion of the space rotation equivalence. The basic space-time properties and the physical object description from this point of view are considered. There are found the stable space rotation objects, which correlate with the quantum mechanics models of the elementary particles, quarks and even nuclei. It is shown that the quantification principle is an essential part of the proposed description of the space rotation objects. The introduced w-invariance hypothesis connects the space rotation methodology with the quantum mechanics approach. On frames of the proposed space rotation approach, it is possible to interpret the ``wave'' properties of elementary particles and to get the basic quantum mechanics equations, such as Schrödinger and Klein-Gordon-Fock. The introduced space rotation equivalence may be underlying of ``compact spaces'', ``string'' theories, can be a foundation of the Unification theory.