Ernesto MATUTE
Departamento de Fisica, Universidad de Santiago de Chile,
Casilla 307, Santiago 2, CHILE

Topological charges, prequarks and presymmetry: a topological approach to quark fractional charges

A topological approach to quark fractional charges, based on charge constraints unexplained by the Standard Model of particle physics, is discussed. Charge fractionalization is related to a tunneling process occurring in time between pure gauge field configurations at the far past and future associated with integer-charged bare quarks, named prequarks. This transition conforms to a topologically nontrivial configuration of the weak gauge fields in Euclidean spacetime. In this context, an electroweak Z2 symmetry between bare quarks and leptons, named presymmetry, is revealed. It is shown that an effective topological charge equal to the ratio between baryon number and the number of fermion generations may be associated with baryonic matter. The observed conservation of baryon number is then connected with the conservation of this bookkeeping charge on quarks. Similar results are obtained for leptons in the dual scenario with local quark charges.