Vladimir KOVALEV
Institute for Mathematical Modelling RAS,
Miusskaya Pl. 4A, Moscow, 125047 RUSSIA
E-mail: kovalev@imamod.ru
Bogoliubov Lab. of Theoretical Physics,
Joint Institute for Nuclear Research,
141980 Dubna, Moscow Region, RUSSIA
E-mail: shirkovd@thsun1.jinr.ru

The renormalization group symmetry for solution of integral equations

Evolution of the renormgroup algorithm and the related renormgroup symmetry, introduced in mathematical physics for solutions of boundary-value problems based on differential equations, is reviewed. We discuss the essential progress made recently in the application of this algorithm to models with integral equations. Several physical illustrations from nonlinear optics, plasma physics, and other fields of theoretical physics demonstrate the potentialities of the algorithm for models with nonlocal terms in the form of the linear solution functionals.