Vladimir KISIL
School of Mathematics, University of Leeds,
Leeds LS2 9JT, UK
Odessa National University,
E-mail: kisilv@maths.leeds.ac.uk

Clifford algebras from symmetries of quantum field theory

Mathematical formalism of quantum mechanics uses complex numbers in order to provide a unitary infinite dimensional representation of the Heisenberg group Hn. The De Donder-Weyl formalism for classical fields theories [2] in a similar way requires Clifford numbers for their quantisation. It was recently realised [1] that the appearance of Clifford algebras is induced by the Galilean group-a nilpotent step two Lie group with multidimensional centre. In the one-dimensional case an element of the Galilean group is (s1,,sn,x,y1,,yn) with corresponding Lie algebra described by the non-vanishing commutators:
[X, Yj] = Sj.
For the field theory it worth to consider Clifford valued representations induced by the Clifford valued ``characters'' e2p(e1h1 s1++enhn sn) of the centre, where e1, ... en are imaginary units spanning the Clifford algebra. The associated Fock spaces was described in [1]. There are important mathematical and physical questions related to the construction, which deserve careful considerations.


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