Max Planck Institute for Meteorology,
Bundestrasse 55, 20146 Hamburg, GERMANY
E-mail: klaus.hasselmann@dkrz.de

The metron model: Elements and initial computations of a unified deterministic theory of fields, particles and physical constants

A unified deterministic theory of field and particles is developed in which the wave-particle paradox of microphysics is resolved through the postulated existence of particles, in the classical objective sense, which carry, in addition to the classical gravitational and electromagnetic far fields, periodic far fields satisfying the de Broglie relations. The particles are derived as soliton-type solutions (metrons) of the Einstein vacuum equations in a higher (at least eight) dimensional space. The theory is fully time symmetric, thereby circumventing Bellís theorem on the non-existence of deterministic hidden variable theories (which rests on the existence of an arrow of time). All fields, particles,  forces and physical constants are derived from the single equation RLM (Ricci tensor) = 0. The gauge symmetries of the Standard Model follow from the geometrical symmetries of the metron solutions. Preliminary computations of metron solutions in the form of a coupled system of wave-mode, wave-guide and forced-wave fields are presented.