Mathematics Department, Linkoping University,
Linkoping, SWEDEN

Nondegenerate Killing tensors from conformal Killing vectors

Koutras has proposed some methods to construct reducible proper conformal Killing tensors and Killing tensors (which are, in general, irreducible) when a pair of orthogonal conformal Killing vectors exist in a given space. We give the completely general result demonstrating that this severe restriction of orthogonality is unnecessary. In addition we correct and extend some results concerning Killing tensors constructed from a single conformal Killing vector. A number of examples demonstrate how it is possible to construct a much larger class of reducible proper conformal Killing tensors and Killing tensors than permitted by the Koutras algorithms. In particular, by showing that all  conformal Killing tensors are reducible in conformally flat spaces, we have a method of constructing all conformal Killing tensors and hence all the Killing tensors (which will in general be irreducible) of conformally flat spaces using  their conformal Killing vectors.