Institute for Condensed Matter Physics NASU
1 Svientsitskii Str., L'viv-11, 79011
E-mail: derzhko@icmp.lviv.ua

Jordan-Wigner fermions and dynamic probes of quantum spin chains

With the help of the Jordan-Wigner transformation the spin-1/2 XY chains can be reformulated in terms of noninteracting spinless fermions and as a result many statistical-mechanics calculations can be performed rigorously, i.e. without making any simplifying approximations. We are interested in dynamic properties of such chains (time-dependent spin correlation functions, dynamic structure factors, dynamic susceptibilities) which are of great importance for interpretation of experimental data. We have worked out a number of dynamic quantities explicitly as well as have performed a general analysis of the two-fermion continua which are relevant for different dynamic quantities.

This study has been performed within the STCU project #1673 `Dynamics of correlations in quantum spin chains'.