Dynamical Systems and Ergodic Theory

Katsiveli (Crimea, Ukraine), August 21 - 30, 2000

Kiev Institute of Mathematics and Kharkov Institute for Low Temperature Physics and Engineering of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences together with Institut de Mathematiques de Luminy and Universite de Tours, France, intend to organize a conference on Dynamical Systems and Ergodic Theory, which will take place in Katsiveli (Crimea, Ukraine). It is expected that the conference will start on August 21 and end on August 30, 2000. In 60's and 70's, Katsiveli was the place where regular Summer Schools and various conferences took place under the aegis of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. The planned conference is an attempt to revive this tradition.

Scientific Program

The conference will be focused around the following topics: The program of the conference will include mini-courses, 50-minute lectures and 30-minutes talks. The expected number of participants is about 100 people (many of them will come from the fSU countries).

Advisory Board

  • L. Alseda (UAB, Spain)
  • V. Bergelson (Ohio State U., USA)
  • M. Boyle (U. of Maryland, USA)
  • V. Golodets (ILT, Ukraine)
  • M. Jakobson (U. of Maryland, USA)
  • A. Katok (Penn State U., USA)
  • M. Keane (CWI, Netherlands)
  • S. Martinez (U. de Chile, Chile)
  • M. Misiurewicz (IUPUI, USA)
  • Z. Nitecki (Tufts U., USA)
  • Ya. Pesin (Penn State U., USA)
  • K. Petersen (UNC, USA)
  • M. Pollicott (Manchester U., UK)
  • D. Ruelle (IHES, France)
  • K. Schmidt (Vienna U., Austria)
  • A. Sharkovsky (Kiev IM, Ukraine)
  • C. Skau (Trondheim U., Norway)
  • S. van Strien (U. of Warwick, UK)
  • A. Vershik (St. Petersburg U., Russia)
  • B. Weiss (Hebrew U., Israel)

Organizing Committee

  • P. Arnoux (IML, France)
  • F. Blanchard (IML, France)
  • S. Bezuglyi (co-chairman, ILT, Ukraine)
  • S. Ferenczi (U. de Tours, France)
  • S. Kolyada (co-chairman, Kiev IM, Ukraine)
  • E. Lesigne (U. de Tours, France)
  • M. Malkin (Ped. U. of Nizhnii Novgorod, Russia)
  • C. Mauduit (IML, France)

Registration fee

The registration fee will be $100. We expect to have limited funds to support participants from the fSU and students. There might be a possibility of local support for lodging. More detailed information about accommodations and living expenses will be included in the second announcement.


Crimea is well known for its beautiful health-resorts. Katsiveli is a small town located on the seashore between Yalta and Sevastopol. The surrounding landscape is formed by pictorial mountains covered by forests. The southern coast of the Black Sea is famous for its scenic views and historical places. We intend to organize many excursions (Yalta, Sevastopol) and hikes. For a limited number of participants, a short visit to Kiev (before or after the conference) can be organized.


To apply, make an online preregistration here or send your name, institution address and e-mail address to the conference organizers at
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