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Address Department of Dynamical Systems Theory
Institute of Mathematics
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Tereshchenkivs'ka 3,  01601, Kyïv, UKRAINE
+(380)-44-2343036 (office)
+(380)-44-2352010 (Institute of Mathematics)
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  My research interests are in dynamical systems: topological and low-dimensional dynamics, the theory of entropy and chaos.

I was an organizer of the following conferences, workshops, programmes in dynamical systems: Conference and Ukrainian - US Workshop: "Dynamical Systems and Ergodic Theory", Katsiveli, 2000; Activity on Algebraic and Topological Dynamics, MPIM, Bonn, 1.05 - 31.07.2004; ESF Exploratory Workshop: "Dynamical Systems: from Algebraic to Topological Dynamics", Bonn, 2004; Conference on Geometry and Dynamics of Groups and Spaces. In Memory of Alexander Reznikov, Bonn, 2006;  Activity "Dynamical Numbers: Interplay between Dynamical Systems and Number Theory", MPIM, Bonn, 1.05 - 31.07.2009; Clay Mathematics Institute - Hausdorff Center for Mathematics - Max Planck Institute for Mathematics International Conference  "Dynamical Numbers: Interplay between Dynamical Systems and Number Theory", Bonn, 2009.

Currently I am also the president of the Kyiv Mathematical Society and the managing editor of the Ukrainian Mathematical Journal. And I still play soccer - FC "Fortuna" Kyiv and FC "Hofgarten United" Bonn!
Topics in Dynamics and
Ergodic Theory -- Proceedings of the Katsiveli - 2000
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Open problems
in Dynamical Systems &  Ergodic Theory

Open Problems in
Dynamical Systems & Ergodic Theory

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