Conference on Geometry and Dynamics                 of Groups and Spaces

In Memory of Alexander Reznikov

September 22-29, 2006
Max Planck Institute for Mathematics (MPIM), Bonn, Germany

Mikhail Kapranov (Yale University, USA)
Sergiy Kolyada (Institute of Mathematics, Ukraine)
Yuri Manin (MPIM, Germany)
Pieter Moree (MPIM, Germany)
Leonid Potyagailo (Université de Lille 1, France)

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Alexander (Sasha) Reznikov was born in Kiev on 14 January 1960. After graduating from the Kiev State University he was a PhD student  at the Institute of Mathematics (NAS of Ukraine) under the supervision of  Myroslav Horbachuk and then he worked as an applied mathematician in various Soviet institutes before emigrating to Israel in 1989. A year later he completed his PhD thesis at Tel Aviv under the supervision of Vitali Milman. From there, after a year’s postdoctoral fellowship at ICTP in Trieste, he became a lecturer at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, where he remained before moving to his chair in Durham (UK) in 1997.

Sasha Reznikov (1960-2003) was a brilliant mathematician who died unfortunately very early. This conference in his remembrance focuses on topics Sasha made a contribution to.  In particular,

Hyperbolic, Differential and Complex Geometry

                              Geometric Group Theory                                                Three Dimensional Topology

Dynamical Systems

The first day will be Friday September 22nd. This day is the last day of a conference of the German Mathematical Society (DMV) that is being held at the University of Bonn in the week September 18-22. There are 3 lectures scheduled in the DMV meeting that Friday morning. They are somewhat related to the topics of the conference.

In the afternoon the Reznikov remembrance conference will start at the MPIM and it also open to attendance by mathemati- cians participating in the DMV meeting.

Also Saturday 23rd a few talks will be scheduled.

Preliminary list of participants:

M. Belolipetsky, G. Besson, M. Boileau, S. Buyalo, G. Courtois, A. Danilenko, T. Delzant, Ch. Deninger, H. Esnault, J. Franks, R. Grigorchuk, M. Kapovich, W. Klingenberg, V. Milman, M. Morishita, A. Navas, Yu. Neretin, J.  Parker, V. Pestov, J. Porti, V. Sergiescu, C. Simpson, B. Tsygan, A. Verjovsky, S. Wang