Symmetry, Integrability and Geometry: Methods and Applications (SIGMA)

Proceedings of the 3-rd Microconference Analytic and Algebraic Methods III (June 19, 2007, Prague, Czech Republic).

The Guest Editor for this special issue is Miloslav Znojil

The 3-rd continuation of the series of the one-day conferences ''Analytic and Algebraic Methods in Physics'' took place in Villa Lanna in Prague, Czech Republic, during June 19, 2007.

As one of the frequent, albeit irregular, meetings organized by the members of the Doppler Institute for mathematical physics and applied mathematics joining several academic institutions in Prague, Rez and Hradec Kralove, our international ''microconference'' narrowed the active interest of its 27 participants, this time, to a few open problems in Quantum Mechanics and in Quantum Field Theory.

In more detail let me summarize that the nine plenary lectures paid attention to the mathematical properties of the integrable, quasi-hermitian, separable, quaternionic or singular operators of observables as well as to the more specific questions concerning functional determinants and topological theories. The new concepts of quantum information, of spin filtering and of the projective Hilbert-space structures were discussed.

In a search for an appropriate medium for leaving a more lasting impact upon the broader scientific community some of the participants really appreciated finding the SIGMA as a medium which seems to combine the pleasingly high standards of the rigorous though still amazingly speedy refereeing of the written form of the presentation of the topical and original new results with an extreme easiness of their web-mediated accessibility to the interested audience.

In this sense, the enthusiasm and the encouragement of the project of these compact and handy ''microproceedings" as well as the perceivable amount of the real help offered by the editorial team of the SIGMA is to be gratefully acknowledged, indeed.

November 30, 2007             The Guest Editor         

Papers in this Issue:

Noncommutative Lagrange Mechanics
Denis Kochan
SIGMA 4 (2008), 028,  9 pages   [ abs   pdf   ps ]
On the Role of the Normalization Factors κn and of the Pseudo-Metric PP in Crypto-Hermitian Quantum Models
Miloslav Znojil
SIGMA 4 (2008), 001,  9 pages   [ abs   pdf   ps ]
Straight Quantum Waveguide with Robin Boundary Conditions
Martin Jílek
SIGMA 3 (2007), 108, 12 pages   [ abs   pdf   ps ]
Singular Potentials in Quantum Mechanics and Ambiguity in the Self-Adjoint Hamiltonian
Tamás Fülöp
SIGMA 3 (2007), 107, 12 pages   [ abs   pdf   ps ]
Miscellaneous Applications of Quons
Maurice R. Kibler
SIGMA 3 (2007), 092, 14 pages   [ abs   pdf   ps ]
Complex Projection of Quasianti-Hermitian Quaternionic Hamiltonian Dynamics
Giuseppe Scolarici
SIGMA 3 (2007), 088, 10 pages   [ abs   pdf   ps ]

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