Symmetry, Integrability and Geometry: Methods and Applications (SIGMA)

SIGMA 18 (2022), 062, 41 pages      arXiv:2012.13389
Contribution to the Special Issue on Mathematics of Integrable Systems: Classical and Quantum in honor of Leon Takhtajan

Geometric Models and Variation of Weights on Moduli of Parabolic Higgs Bundles over the Riemann Sphere: a Case Study

Claudio Meneses
Mathematisches Seminar, Christian-Albrechts Universität zu Kiel, Heinrich-Hecht-Platz 6, 24118 Kiel, Germany

Received September 21, 2021, in final form July 28, 2022; Published online August 13, 2022

We construct explicit geometric models for moduli spaces of semi-stable strongly parabolic Higgs bundles over the Riemann sphere, in the case of rank two, four marked points, arbitrary degree, and arbitrary weights. The mechanism of construction relies on elementary geometric and combinatorial techniques, based on a detailed study of orbit stability of (in general non-reductive) bundle automorphism groups on certain carefully crafted spaces. The aforementioned techniques are not exclusive to the case we examine, and this work elucidates a general approach to construct arbitrary moduli spaces of semi-stable parabolic Higgs bundles in genus 0, which is encoded into the combinatorics of weight polytopes. We also present a comprehensive analysis of the geometric models' behavior under variation of parabolic weights and wall-crossing, which is concentrated on their nilpotent cones.

Key words: parabolic Higgs bundle; Hitchin fibration; nilpotent cone.

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