Symmetry, Integrability and Geometry: Methods and Applications (SIGMA)

SIGMA 10 (2014), 104, 26 pages      arXiv:1411.1839
Contribution to the Special Issue on Deformations of Space-Time and its Symmetries

Effects of a Maximal Energy Scale in Thermodynamics for Photon Gas and Construction of Path Integral

Sudipta Das, Souvik Pramanik and Subir Ghosh
Physics and Applied Mathematics Unit, Indian Statistical Institute, 203 B.T. Road, Kolkata 700108, India

Received April 13, 2014, in final form October 25, 2014; Published online November 07, 2014; Text overlap with [59] removed November 13, 2014

In this article, we discuss some well-known theoretical models where an observer-independent energy scale or a length scale is present. The presence of this invariant scale necessarily deforms the Lorentz symmetry. We study different aspects and features of such theories about how modifications arise due to this cutoff scale. First we study the formulation of energy-momentum tensor for a perfect fluid in doubly special relativity (DSR), where an energy scale is present. Then we go on to study modifications in thermodynamic properties of photon gas in DSR. Finally we discuss some models with generalized uncertainty principle (GUP).

Key words: invariant energy scale; doubly special relativity (DSR); generalized uncertainty principle (GUP).

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