Symmetry, Integrability and Geometry: Methods and Applications (SIGMA)

SIGMA 2 (2006), 058, 10 pages      math.AP/0606045

A Dual Mesh Method for a Non-Local Thermistor Problem

Abderrahmane El Hachimi a, Moulay Rchid Sidi Ammi b and Delfim F.M. Torres b
a) UFR: Applied and Industrial Mathematics, University of Chouaib Doukkali, El Jadida, Maroc
b) Department of Mathematics, University of Aveiro, 3810-193 Aveiro, Portugal

Received December 20, 2005, in final form May 08, 2006; Published online June 02, 2006

We use a dual mesh numerical method to study a non-local parabolic problem arising from the well-known thermistor problem.

Key words: non-local thermistor problem; joule heating; box scheme method.

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