Eberhard MALKOWSKY   and   Vesna VELICKOVIC
Department of Mathematics,
University of Giessen,
Arndtstrasse 2,
D-35392 Giessen,
Department of Mathematics,
Faculty of Science and Mathematics,
University of Nis,
Visegradska 33,
18000 Nis,
E-mail: eberhard.malkowsky@Math.uni-giessen.de, ema@Bankerinter.net, vvesna@BankerInter.net

Development of Electronic Teaching Material for Differential Geometry

We present our electronic textbook for a course in differential geometry, and explain the technical details of its development. Furthermore we deal with the applications of our own software package for generating the graphics and animations in the textbook. We also discuss the possibilities of using our technique and software in the preparation of electronic teaching material in other fields of mathematics.

Research supported by the research grant #1646 of the Serbian Ministry of Science, Technology and Development.