% Abstracts must be prepared in \LaTeX \ and according to the

% following scheme:






\textwidth=13cm \textheight=20cm \pagestyle{myheadings}












\makeatletter \headsep 10 mm \footskip 10 mm




{\Large\bf Title }


\vskip 15pt


First Name(s) and SURNAME(S) of the Author(s)\ (\it{Country})



\vskip 15pt


%In the body text of the paper, please, use the following macros for

%the lemmas, theorems, definitions, remarks, etc.:



Statement of definition




Statement of Lemma




Lemma's proof




Statement of Theorem




Theorem's proof




Statement of remark



\vskip 15 pt


%References should be given in the following way:






\bibitem{1} Author(s) \ \ (date of publication), {\it Title}, Title

of the periodical, {\bf Volume}, number, pages (via hyphen).


\bibitem{2} Author(s) \ \ (date of publication),

{\it Title}. -- City: Publisher. Number of pagess.




\vskip 20 pt


\centerline{\large Example}





\bibitem{1} E.B. Dynkin \ \ (2004)

 {\it On upper bounds for positive

 solutions of semilinear equations}, J. Funct. Anal., {\bf 210},

 no. 1, 73--100.


\bibitem{2} I.I. Gikhman, A.V.Skorokhod \ \ (2004)

{\it The theory of stochastic processes. II}. -- Berlin,

Springer-Verlag, viii+441 pp.




%At the end of the paper the following information should be



\vskip 20 pt


\noindent {\it Affiliation(s) of the author(s) }


\vskip 2 pt


\noindent {\it e-mail: {\tt ...... @..........}}