Symmetries of Maxwell's Equations

D. Reidel Publishing Company, Hardbound, ISBN 90-277-2320-6, 1987, 222 pp


This monograph is devoted to description of local and nonlocal symmetry properties of the Maxwell, Dirac, Kemmer-Duffin-Petiau equations

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Various formulations of Maxwell's equations
Chapter 2. Relativistic invariance of Maxwell's equations
Chapter 3. Representations of the Poincaré algebra
Chapter 4. Conformal invariance of Maxwell's equations
Chapter 5. Nongeometric symmetry of Maxwell's equations
Chapter 6. Symmetry of the Dirac and Kemmer-Duffin-Petiau equations
Chapter 7. Constants of motion
Chapter 8. Symmetry of subsystems of Maxwell's equation
Chapter 9. Equations for the electromagnetic field invariant under the Galilei group
Chapter 10. Relativistic equations for  vector and spinor massless field
Chapter 11. Poincare-invariant equations for a massless field with arbitrary spin
Appendix 1
On complete sets of symmetry operators for the Dirac and Maxwell equations and invariance algebras of relativistic wave equations for particles of arbitrary spin
Appendix 2.
Symmetry of nonlinear equations of electrodynamics
Appendix 3.
On Ansatze and exact solutions of the nonlinear Dirac and Maxwell-Dirac equations
Appendix 4.
How to extend  symmetry of equations?

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