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As far as we know, all travels to Ukraine (except several countries of Eastern Europe and the former SU) need to have a visa to enter Ukraine. For getting such a visa, please apply to the nearest Ukrainian Embassy or Consulate in your country. Nevertheless if you wish to receive an official invitation of the Organizing Committee, please let us know as soon as possible. We will be glad to answer any your questions.

The participants from the countries of the former Soviet Union can easily get to Simferopol (one of the biggest Crimean cities) by train or by plane. For other participants we would suggest to take a direct flight to Simferopol. If you are unable to find a convenient flight from your country to Simferopol, you may arrive first to Kiev (the Borispol airport). In this case we are ready to help with reservation of tickets for regular flights between Kiev and Simferopol.The organizers intend to meet participants of the meeting at the railway station and the airport of Simferopol and then bring them to Sudak. To help us, please informe us about the exact time of your arrival. For a participant who is well-informed about Crimea, it is not a problem to reach Sudak by himself (herself)

The schedule of movement of transport from Simferopol to Sudak.
1. Buses from the Simferepol railway station go to Sudak for 2 hours,
the price of a ticket is about 10 hrivnyas.
Micro buses (without stops) - 15 hrivnyas.
The interval between their departure is about 1 hour and half.
All buses move from 7.00 to the morning till 19.50 in the evening

2. Buses from the Simferopol bus station go to Sudak 2 hours,
the price is 10 grivnyas.
The interval between buses is 2 hours.
Buses move from 7.00 to the morning till 19.20 in the evening.
More detail information about meeting in Simferopol we'll give later.

Organized and sponsored by:

Institute of Mathematics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Ukrainian Charitable Foundation for Furthering Development of Mathematical Science
National Agency "Intellect of Ukraine"
Ukrainian Gas Technologies
Research Service
Universidade Federal Do Maranhao (UFMA), Sao Luis - MA, Brasil