Social Events


Tours of the places of interests, including The Sudak Fortress , Novy Svet, Karadag, Aivazovsky's Gallery at Feodosia and others are planned. Detailed programme will be announced later.

Lunches and coffee breakes will be served. Information on conference dinnner and other social events will be announced later.

Abstracts and other nessecary information will be provided to the participants on registration.

Premilinary Shedule of events:

30.05, 11.00-16.00 : Registration of participants
30.05, 16.00 : Opening of the meeting
30.05, 19.00 : Wellcome party
31.05,2.06,3.06 : Working days of the meeting
1.06 : Free day and excursions
3.06, 19.00 : Banquet
4.06 : Departure

Organized and sponsored by:

Institute of Mathematics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Ukrainian Charitable Foundation for Furthering Development of Mathematical Science
National Agency "Intellect of Ukraine"
Ukrainian Gas Technologies
Research Service
Universidade Federal Do Maranhao (UFMA), Sao Luis - MA, Brasil