Hotel Information

We offer a few different types of accommodation in Sudak. All prices below include meals in a restaurant located in the hotel complex "Sudak":
(i) single - $15 per day (including meals),
(ii)double - $15 per day (for one including meals),
(iii)double(two rooms) - $22 per day (for one including meals),
(iiii)double(two rooms) - $ 25 per day (for one including meals).

If you would like to find a cheaper lodging, the organizing committee will help you with accommodation in private apartments. Nevertheless all participants will be able to have their lunch at the conference place. The registration and all other payments will take place in the hotel complex "Sudak" .

The easiest way (for the organizers and participants) to pay for the living expenses and conference fee is to bring cash (Hrivnya, US dollars, Euro) in your hands. In order to get cash in Ukrainian banks, one can use either travel checks (American Express, Thomas Cook) or credit cards (Visa, MasterCard). Please be aware that in this case we will have to organize your trip to the nearest bank in Simferopol or Yalta because Sudak is a not a big town and there is no bank branch in it. Personal checks are not accepted.

Detailed information about hotel complex "Sudak" can be found :

Organized and sponsored by:

Institute of Mathematics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Ukrainian Charitable Foundation for Furthering Development of Mathematical Science
National Agency "Intellect of Ukraine"
Ukrainian Gas Technologies
Research Service
Universidade Federal Do Maranhao (UFMA), Sao Luis - MA, Brasil