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Institute of Mathematics is a world-known scientific organization in the system of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. The main direction of research conducted in the Institute cover Theory of Nonlinear Oscillations, ODE Theory, Nonlinear Analysis, Mathematical Physics, Probability Theory and Theory of Stochastic Process, Operator Theory, Topology and Algebra. It employs about 150 scientists working in different fields and consists of 17 Departments, among them are Departments of Algebra, Complex analysis and potential theory, Fractal Analysis, Functional Analysis, Mathematical physics, Nonlinear analysis, Partial differential equations, Theory of random processes, Topology and others.

Group of scientists of Institute of Mathematics, taking part in the project EU-Ukrainian Mathematicians for Life Sciences (EUMLS) consists of young and experienced researchers from different Departments of the Institute. They have different education and use different mathematical tools in their work, but they are united by the joint idea: to find the proper application of their skills to the problems which may have direct relation to the sciences about the process going in human organisms or in biological systems.

The research in the frame work of this project are discussed of the seminar: "Mathematics and Life Sciences" which take place twice per month on Friday. On the site of this seminar there are the posters of past talks.

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