May, 26 -- 31, 1999, Kyiv

              F i r s t     a n n o u n c e m e n t
 Dear colleagues,

 Institute of Mathematics of NAS of Ukraine, National Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv,
International Mathematical Centre of NAS of Ukraine and  National M. Drahomanov Pedagogical
University are organizing an International Conference on Approximation Theory and its Applications
dedicated to the Memory of V. K. Dzjadyk. The conference will be held in Kyiv, at the Institute
of Mathematics, on May 26 - 31, 1999.
 Program committee:
                        S. M. Nikolskii
                        N. P. Korneichuck
                        R. A. DeVore
 Institute of Mathematics (IM) is located in the centre of Kyiv near Metro Station "Theatralna" .
There is a good connection with Kyiv airports "Boryspil" and "Zhulyany" (now it is called "Kyiv"),
as well as with the main railway Station, which is called "Vokzal".
        - from Vokzal two stops by Metro, 0.3 UAH  (Ukrainian grivnas);
         - from the airport "Kyiv" by trolley No. 9 (0.3 UAH), or by
             special taxi No. 9 (0.5 UAH ) to the Tereshchenkivska Str., which is the last stop;
        - from the airport "Boryspil" by special bus "Polit" (10 UAH )  to the stop "Metro University"
            or by Shuttle bus ($10).
 Currency course now is $1=3.6 UAH.


 Please send the abstracts before May, 1 using form 2  (TEX format).
Form 2 also may be  found at the


 We propose accommodation in the hotels near the IM or in the Campuses of Taras Shevchenko University and
 M. Drahomanov  Pedagogical University. It takes about 45 minutes from Campuses to the IM (0.3-0.8 UAH).
 The list of prices you'll find below. The price of one room with two beds and with shower in Campuses
is 20-30 UAH per  day. Please inform us about desirable accommodation (form 1) as soon as  possible.
Reservation of  Campuses is possible before April, 1. Reservation of Hotels is possible before May, 15.
For the reservation please send  $50 to the account:

Acc. No. 04-404-918
WITH: Bankers Trust Company, New York, USA
S.W.I.F.T.: BKTR US 33
BENEFICIARY: Ukrainian Charitable Foundation for Furthering Development of
                        Mathematical Science
                          a/c 2600 60000 113 30

(50 UAH for the ukrainian participants to the account:
Ukrainian Charitable Foundation for Furthering Development of Mathematical Science
Code 20052045
   a/c 2600 60000 113 30
Bank: AKB ³KIEV³ in Kyiv, MFO 322498
Reason: Donation for development of Mathematics )


 Registration fee is 175 UAH ( or $50) and may be paid before May, 20 to:

1) UAH
Ukrainian Charitable Foundation for Furthering Development of Mathematical Science
Code 20052045
   a/c 2600 60000 113 30
Bank: AKB ³KIEV³ in Kyiv, MFO 322498
Reason: Donation for development of Mathematics

 2) USD
Acc. No. 04-404-918
WITH: Bankers Trust Company, New York, USA
S.W.I.F.T.: BKTR US 33
BENEFICIARY: Ukrainian Charitable Foundation for Furthering Development of
                         Mathematical Science
       a/c 2600 60000 113 30

 Size of registration fee after May, 20 is 210 UAH ($60) . It should be paid on arrival to Kyiv
 Organizing committee is going to support the mathematicians from Ukraine and from other
Central and Eastern European  countries. To obtain a support please send form S before April, 1.
We will inform the decision about support and its volume till April, 25.

                  Dzyubenko G.A.
                  Intern.Math.Centre, NASU
                  3, TereshchenkivsAEka Str.
                  252601, Kyiv - MSP

We are looking forward to seeing you in Kyiv.

                 O. I. Stepanets (,
                 I. O. Shevchuk  (,
                 V. M. Konovalov (,
                 V. V. Kovtunets (,
                 G. A. Dzyubenko (

Appendix 1  (hotels)

No. Hotel                          Single bed Room   Double bed Room   Tel./Fax.
1.  Kyiv                                   $140                       $250                 2930155

2.  Natsionalny                       $120                         $240             2918888/2918997
3.  Rus                                    $131                          $137             2204255

4.  Ukraina                               $137                         $164             2292807
5.  Sankt-Petersburg                                                                         2297364
(without toilet and shower)      $25                            $40
    (with toilet and shower)       $40                             $80

6.  Kyivsky                              $185                          $185              2204144

For ukrainian participants approximately the same price sizes  are in UAH.

Here is some additional information about accommodation proposals.

                                                       Hotel Cooperator
The hotel has applied for a three stars category. It is situated at a distance of 1 km from
the Institute of Mathematics (IM). The hotel has parking. There is reservation charge of
a half day price which should be paid when booking. Breakfast is 5-7 UAH, lunch is about 10 UAH.

( All prices are in UAH, and are per person in the room. Prices are not expected to change. Recall, $1=3.6UAH)

Number            Category                   Price for Ukr.                 Price for NIS                  Price for citizens
 of beds                                                 citizens                             citizens of                of other countries

     2                  apartment                         51                                  112                                        167
     1                  room                                 45                                  90                                          134
     2                  room                                 26                                  68                                           90
     2              second class room
                         with phone                       20                                   46                                           -
     2              second class room
                       without phone                    17                                    35                                          -

*) All second class rooms have toilet, TV, small refridgerator, electrical kettle. Some second class rooms do not have shower.

A large hotel complex consisting of Hotel "Kyivsky" (four stars) and Hotel "Rus" (three stars) is situated at distance
about 1.5 km from the IM. In Hotel "Rus" a few non-renovated rooms are available. Prices for Ukrainian citizens
are: $43 per day for one person, $55 for two persons. Prices for citizens of all other countries: $63 per day for one
person, $75 for two persons. Buffet breakfast is included in the price. The nearest hotels to IM (300 m) are "Ukraina"
(three stars) and "St.-Petersburg".

                               FORM 1

Desirable accommodation 1) hotel
     1a) apartment
     1b) single bed    room
     1c) two bed room
     1d) bed in two bed room
     1e) others

     2) Campus
Acceptable price ($        per day       )
Additional remarks

FORM S (for financial supporting)

Title of Abstract

Scientific degree___________________________________________________________



FORM 2 (Abstracts)

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%        your references.
%    3.  Example :
\ref  Flifla,J. , R.Collorec, A.Boulioux and J.L.Coatrieux,
Three-Dimensional Positionning from Multimodality Medical Imaging,
{\sl Proc. 10th International Conference IEEE Engineering in Medicine
and Biology Society,} New Orleans, 1989.
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List of tentative participants
(except the participants from Kyiv)
Abdullayev Fahreddin G. <>
Alimov Alexey R. <>
Andreev Nikolay N. <>
Andrienko Vitalii < >
Arestov Vitalii V. <>
Arutjunjanc Georgij <>
Babenko Alexander G. <>
Babenko Julia V. <>
Babenko Vladislav F. <>
Badkov V.M. <>
Bazarkhanov D. B. <>
Berinde Vasile <>
Bodnar <>
Boicun L.G. <>
Boradachev S.V. <>
Britvin Uriy Evgenevich <>
Buslaev Viktor <>
Chernitckaya O.V. <>
Chernykh Nikolai I. <>
Cobzas Stefan <>
Davydov Oleg <>
Deikalova Marina V. <>
Deutsch Frank <>
Dolzhenko E.P. <>
Doretc Evgenia Viktorovna
Dorin Todoran <>
Doronin V.G. <>
Dovgoshei Aleksei A. <>
Efimov Gennadiy Nikolaevich <>
Farkov Yuri A. <>
Gabushin V.N. <>
Galibina N.A <>
Gerus Oleg F. <>
Gilewicz Jacek <>
Goenko Natalya ksh <>
Gonska Heinz H. <>
Gorbachev Dmitrii V. <>
Gorbenko Marina <>
Goryainov Victor V. <>
Gudoshnikova E. <>
Israfilov Daniyal M. <>
Ivanov Valerii I. <>
Jatsenko Andrej A. <>
Kacso Daniela <> <>
Karlovich Alexei <>
Kashin B. <>
Katkovskaja I.N. <>
Katsnelson Victor <>
Khaluzova A.I. <>
Kholshchevnikova Nataliya N. <>
Kirjackis Eduard <>
Kivinukk Andi <>
Kobza Jiri <>
Kofanov V.A. <>
Kogan A.M. <>
Kolyada Victor <>
Korenovskii Anatoli A. <>
Korevaar Jacob <>
Kornienko L. <>
Kovacheva Ralitza < > < >
Krotov V.G. <>
Kryakin Yuri <> <>
Krykova Inna V. <>
Kuchmins'ka Khrystyna
Kunyang Wang, <>
Kushpel Alexander K. <>
Kuznetsova Olga I. <>
Leindler Laszlo <>
Lerner Andrej K <>
Leviatan Dany <>
Liu Yong Ping <>
Lyche Tom <>
Maergoiz Lev S. <>
Maisenja L.I. <>
Maljutin Konstantin G. <>
Maljutina T.I. <>
Mhaskar H.N. <>
Moroz A.V. <>
Motornaya O.V. <>
Motornyi V.P. <>
Musin Ildar.Kh <>
Nikolskii Sergeji Mikhailovich
Nosenko Yuri L. <>
Novikov Igor Ya. <>
Novikov Sergei I. <>
Paltanea Radu <>
Parfinovich Natalia <>
Pekarskij <>
Peleshenko B. <>
Petukhov Alexander P. <>
Pichugov S.A. <>
Platonov Sergei S. <>
Pleshakov M. G. <>
Plesniak Wieslaw <>
Pritsker Igor E. <>
Radyno Alex <>
Rovba <>
Ruban V.I. <>
Rusak V.N. <>
Saff Edward. B. <>
Schumaker Larry <>
Shevaldin Valery T. <>
Shulimanov P.A. <>
Shvedov A. <>
Siciak Jozef <>
Skopina M. <>
Starovoitov Alexander <>
Steffens Karl-Georg <>
Subbotin Yu.N. <>
Telyakovskii Sergei A. <>
Temlyakov Vladimir <>
Tikhomirov S. M. <>
Timan M.F
Tokov A.O.
Trigub Roald M. <>
Trofimov Alexander <>
Turchin E.V. <> <>
Vakarchuck S. <>
Valantinas Jonas <>
Vasilenko Vladimir A. <>
Velikin V.L. <> <>
Velikina Julia <>
Verdiev V.G.
Verdieva A.V.
Waldron Shayne <>
Wozniakowski Henryk <>
Wronicz Zygmunt <>
Yu Xiang Ming <>
Zastavnyyi Victor P. <>
Zhensykbaev Alexander A. <>
Zhuk V.V. <>
Zverovich E.I. <>