Український математичний конгрес - 2009

Людмила Никола (Одесский государственный экологический университет, Одесса, Украина)

Advanced S-matrix formalism in the Auger spectra theory

A novel approach to the Auger decay characteristics for complex atomic systems is proposed and based on the S-matrix formalism by Gell-Mann and Low and QED perturbation theory [1]. As application its adaptation to studying Auger decay characteristics for atoms and solids is presented [2]. The novel element consists in an using the optimal basis of the electron state functions derived from the condition that the calibration-non-invariant contribution of the second order polarization diagrams to the imaginary part of the multi-electron system energy is minimized already at the first non-disappearing approximation of the perturbation theory.

1. Glushkov A.V., Relativistic and correlation effects in spectra of atomic systems, Odessa, Astroprint, 2006.- 450 P.
2. Nikola L.V., et al, SEMST.-2007.-N1.-P.18-21.