Ukrainian mathematical congress - 2009

Rayisa Moiseyenko (Donetsk national university, Ukraine)

Antiplane elastic wave scattering problem in anisotropic media with cylindical voids partially tight by elastic anisotropic inclusions

It is presented numerical-analytical technique for solving longitudinal shear wave diffraction scattering on tunnel cylindrical voids of elliptical cross-section in anisotropic orthorhombic system elastic massif with elastic inclusions of elliptical segment cross-section problems. Inslusion material differs from main massif material and belongs to the same mechanical symmetry form. Proposed method is based on generalized metaharmonic equation integration in affinetransformed coordinates. Amplitude wave field characteristics are presented by series with undefined coefficients on basic particular solutions. These solutions are expressed through cylindrical polar coordinate functions in affinetransformed areas. Considered edge problems are reduced to infinite linear algebraic system analisis. Results of quantitive and qualitative analisis for constructed solutions and wave field characteristics studies, when problem parameters are varied, are presented.