Український математичний конгрес - 2009

Анна Игнатенко (Одесский государственный экологический университет, Одесса, Украина)

New quantum approach to treating chaotic and statistical phenomena in a multi-wave atomic ionization

In last years a phenomenon of multi-wave atomic ionization in low-frequency electromagnetic fields attracts a great interest due to the possibility of realizing quantum chaos phenomenon in quantum system. The important features of process are a diffusion on atomic states, which are strongly perturbed by a field, and stochastic character of electron vibrations. In series of papers by Casati et al [1] a dynamical chaos effect for hydrogen atom in a field was at first correctly described by the non-linear classic mechanics methods. Here we present new quantum approach to treating the chaotic phenomena in the multi-wave atomic ionization. It is based on the operator perturbation theory, complex coordinates method, non-relativistic one-channel quantum defect theory and chaos theory algorithms [2,3].

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