Український математичний конгрес - 2009

Алексей Довгошей (Институт прикладной математики и механики НАН Украины, Донецк, Украина)

Some properties of tangent spaces to metric spaces

The recent achievements in the metric space theory are closely related to some generalizations of differentiation. See, for instance, the concept of weak gradient [6] or Cheeger's notion of differentiability for Rademacher's theorem in certain metric measure spaces [1].

A tangent space to an arbitrary metric space X at a point p from X was defined in [5] as a factor space of some family of sequences of points of X which converge to p. This approach makes possible to define a metric space valued derivative of functions f from X to Y, X and Y are metric spaces, as mappings between tangent spaces to X and, respectively, to Y [2].

In the lecture will be discussed some examples of tangent spaces to metric spaces and, moreover, will be described the metric spaces which have bounded or proper or compact tangent spaces [3] and metric spaces having ultrametric tangent spaces [4].

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