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B. Scientific Program

The work of the Congress will proceed in the following parallel sections (we call your attention to the appearance of the new section ``Mathematical Theory of Control''):
  1. Algebra and Theory of Numbers (Chairman A. V. Roiter).
  2. Dynamical Systems (Chairman O. M. Sharkovsky).
  3. Differential Equations and Nonlinear Oscillations (Chairman A. M. Samoilenko).
  4. Complex Analysis and Potential Theory (Chairman P. M. Tamrazov).
  5. Mathematical Physics (Co-Chairmen A. H. Nikitin and D. Ya. Petryna).
  6. Teaching Methods and History of Mathematics (Co-Chairmen O. M. Bogolyubov, M. I. Shkil', and M. I. Yadrenko).
  7. Nonlinear Analysis (Chairman I. V. Skrypnik).
  8. Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Problems of Mechanics (Co-Chairmen V. M. Koshlyakov, I. O. Lukovs'ky, V. L. Makarov, and I. V. Serhienko).
  9. Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics (Co-Chairmen V. S. Korolyuk and M. I. Portenko).
  10. Theory of Approximations and Harmonic Analysis (Co-Chairmen M. P. Korneichuk and O. I. Stepanets').
  11. Theory of Operators and Differential Operator Equations (Co-Chairmen Yu. M. Berezans'ky and M. L. Horbachuk).
  12. Topology and Geometry (Co-Chairmen O. A. Borisenko and V. V. Sharko).
  13. Mathematical Theory of Control (Co-Chairmen M. Z. Zhurovs'ky, V. S. Mel'nyk, and A. A. Chykrii).
In addition to plenary lectures, in the course of section sessions short 20-30 min reports of participants of the Congress selected by the Program Committee will be delivered.