First announcement

Institute of Mathematics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine International Mathematical Center of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine The Taras Shevchenko Kiev National University The Ivan Franko Zhitomir State University invite you to take part in the International Conference “Complex Analysis, Potential Theory and Applications” which will be held in Kiev, 2013, August 19 – 23.

Organizing Committee: Yu.B. Zelinskii (co-chairman), O.S. Limarchenko (co-chairman), A.K. Bakhtin, O.F. Gerus, S.A. Plaksa, A.V. Pokrovskii, V.I. Ryazanov, I.O. Shevchuk.

Program Committee: S.Yu.Favorov, V.Ya.Gutlyanskiy, A.A.Kondratyuk, O.S.Limarchenko, K.G.Malyutin, Ya.Ya.Rushchitsky, A.M.Samoilenko, V.V.Sharko, O.B.Skaskiv, Yu.Yu.Trokhimchuk (all Ukraine), E.P.Dolzhenko, V.N.Dubinin, V.M.Miklyukov, D.V.Prokhorov, V.A.Shlyk , V.V. Starkov (all Russia), S.V.Rogosin (Belarus), T. Alyev (Turkey), L.A.Aizenberg, A.L.Golberg, S.L.Krushkal (all Israel), H.Begehr, B.Dittmar, R.Kuehnau, W.Sproessig (all Germany), B.Bojarski, Yu.Lawrynowicz (all Poland), A.Fernandez Arias (Spain), P.Gauthier (Canada), Yu.Karlovich, M.Shapiro, N.Vasilevski (all Mexico), V.Kisil (England), I.Laine, Yu.Riihentaus (all Finland), M.Lanza de Cristoforis (Italy), P.Lindqvist (Norway), V.Pilipchuk (USA), S.G.Samko (Portugal).

Program of the Conference foresees the following directions:
1. Geometric theory of functions and quasiconformal mappings .
2. Several-dimensional and hypercomplex analysis.
3. Potential theory and boundary problems.
4. Analytic functions related to operator theory.
5. Variational and asymptotic methods with applications.

A special session will be dedicated to memory of Professor P.M. Tamrazov.

Both theoretical and applied communications are encouraged.

Conference meeting will be held in Institute of Mathematics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

We ask you to sent Registration Form and Abstract before May 1, 2013 to Organization Committee by e-mail:

For additional information, please contact the Organization Committee by e-mail.

Registration Form
1) Full name
2) Institution
3) Position
4) Degree
5) Mail address
6) Telephone number
7) E-mail address
8) Title of communication

It is recommended that Abstract should be prepared in Latex according to the following instructions.

Using LaTeX2e or MiKTeX, print 1 page abstract in English in the following format (don't use additional macros, please).

\centerline{\bf Author(s) (City, Country)}
\vskip 0.2cm
Text of abstract.
 (Please, design the theorems according to the examples given below.)
\vskip 0.3cm
{\bf Theorem~1.} {\it Text of Theorem 1}