School Venue

The school is planned to be held in the Hotel Mellas, located in a beautiful place just at the Black Sea beach between Foros and Muhalatka (see the maps). All participants are supposed to stay in comfortable single and double rooms. The Hotel is placed in an old park. One of the owners in 19th century was Alexey Tolstoy; sessions will take place in his small castle.

During the period of the school we are planning to organize guided tours to historical and picturesque places of Crimea (Sevastopol, Yalta, Livadia palace, Crimean Big Canyon, etc.). In the Hotel there is also a pool with sea water and tennis, badminton and gorodki courts. Crimea mountains (about 1000m high) just at the north side of the hotel are very nice for climbing and hiking.

Travelling Information

The closest airport is Simferepol (located in the center of Crimea, see the maps). There are regular flights from Kyiv, Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Frankfurt, Istanbul. There is also a night train connection between Kyiv and Simferopol. At the airport and the railway station arrived particapants will be met by a conference bus, which will bring them to the meeting place.