Please find below impressions and comments of participants of of the Symmetry-2005.

We appreciate any additional remarks and suggestions:

Franz Winkler

Dear organizers of SYMMETRY and SCEMMP, it was a pleasure to take part in this well organized conference. I had no problem travelling to Kiev, the hotel (Express) was fine, and the organization of the conference competent. I could meet many new colleagues and also old ones.

Kiev looks to me as a vigorous city. The center looks already very attractive, and I saw lots of renovations going on. Congratulations!

Andrei Parnachev

I would like to thank you for inviting me to Kiev and for an opportunity to speak at the conference.

Visiting Kiev was a truly fantastic experience; I enjoyed the city very much. I'm looking forward to coming back to your wonderful city.

Grigori Litvinov

Dear Organizers, Many thanks to you and especially to Vyacheslav Boiko for your great efforts and hospitality! I like your culture program very much. I like your new Kiev very much. Greetings!

It seems to me that the conference level was good but the total number of participants was too great. It would be better to get all the abstracts in the form of several
little books (e.g., for pleanary talks, for section talks and for posters) and to have them during the conference. It is not convenient to use your web-site for this aim.

Sibusiso Moyo

Thanks a lot for the wonderful conference and experience of Kiev. I miss the place already and of course look forward to the next meeting. Atleast it takes me away from too much administration and marking. Of course after flying for 15 hours I arrived to be greeted by a big pile of 100 exam scripts to mark which I have just completed. So now I will go to enjoy the memories of Kiev.

Pawel Gora

Dear Organizers, I would like to thank You again for the invitation to the beautiful city of Kiev and extraordinary hospitality. Being in Kiev was a great pleasure for my family and myself. Personal attention of the organizers to our every request was absolutely unusual and we appreciate it greatly.

I hope that we will meet again soon.

Jun Yamashita

Dear Organizers, I would like to thank you again for your giving me a chance to participate Symmetry 2005. Although it was my first time to participate an (overseas) international conference, I could come to Kiev without anxiety thanks to kind supports of the organizers. The conference was productive and many social activities were very interesting. Kiev is very beautiful and historical city (not only the city streets). I would like to visit more places in next chance. I wish to participate the forthcoming conference in 2007.

B. Kent Harrison

Dear Conference Organizers, I am happy to share my impressions of the symmetry conferences, in particular the one just ended.  You may post my remarks on your website.

I took some pictures with a single lens reflex camera, and I have sent you copies of some of them.

This conference was very well organized, as usual.  I appreciated the advance information about the conference--several months' notice about it, the available hotels, etc.  It was good to have you schedule my hotel for me. I also appreciated Irina's guide to Kiev, which was very helpful, especially regarding the restaurants.  For the next conference, that should be updated and made available again--perhaps a little earlier, although that is not critical.

The list of participants and the titles of their talks, available ahead of time on the Internet, was useful. The abstracts of their talks were also available.  I didn't go through all of them ahead of time, so I did not know much about some of  their talks.  It would have been helpful to have them available at the conference, but it would have been impossible to print them for everyone, so I do not criticize for that.  (People with wireless internet connection for laptop computers would have had access for that.)  If a printed version or two were available at a central location for everyone to look at, that would be good. (Maybe you did have it and I wasn't aware of it.)  Announcements could be made in the opening session about where to find abstracts.

I was impressed, as before, at the tremendous amount of work in arranging the talks in the various sessions. I am sure this was difficult, and especially since there are not many good lecture rooms. The directions to the sessions were very clear and easy to follow.

The number of participants, and the variety of topics covered, was very large. I found it difficult to find talks close to my own research, although there were some.  If a way could be found to reduce the variety, that would be good--but I confess I don't see a good way at the moment.  (After all, I myself have given talks on a variety of topics in the different conferences.)  Possibly the international organizing committee can offer suggestions (I did for the fifth conference.)

There was some concern about having the main lecture hall, especially, overcrowded, but it appeared that this was never a problem. The suggestion made by Professor Mikhailov, that there be a five minute gap between talks, is a good one. That may be a little hard to work out if there are many speakers.

The computer and overhead projector facilities were handled very well.  I never saw a problem with them.

The opening and closing parties and the sightseeing trips and the river trip were all done well, as always.  I had an excellent guide for the tour; I had seen many of the sights, churches, etc. before, but our guide mentioned a number of things that were new to me.

 I recommend a sightseeing trip to anyone attending a conference for the first time. There are lovely churches and other monuments, and the history of Kiev is very interesting. I appreciate having the conference in June so that participants can attend the opera and other performances.  I enjoyed "Swan Lake" very much--it was extremely well done--and I only missed "Faust" because I had the day wrong.

The restaurants provided good food, and I got along fine with them (it was helpful to have a Ukrainian/Russian speaker along with me!)

I have stayed at the Hotel Express three times.  It is a good hotel and it has an excellent breakfast buffet, which is the main reason I stay there.  The only problem with it is that it is a little ways from the Institute and it takes me about 25 minutes to walk to the Institute (I am a slow walker.)  The price is a little high.  I would be interested in knowing about other hotels that might be closer but also which have a good breakfast buffet.

I am always grateful for having someone pick me up at the airport, and I appreciate the personal attention of Professor Nikitin and others in making sure I get back to the airport properly.  I could probably manage it on my own, but the help gives me extra assurance.

The proceedings have always been produced well, in a professional manner.  They are a pleasure to read. Over the years, I have had a few contacts materialize from the conference and the proceedings, but not very many. Best wishes in your plans for the next conference!

Jose F. Carinena

I am very glad to say you that in my opinion it has been a nice and interesting meeting, Kiev is a beautiful city and you have carefully prepared the meeting. Congratulations.

Sadollah Nasiri

Thanks a lot for your kind effort on organizing a well desciplined and high scientific level conference. I would like to appreciate this great effort and hope that to meet you again in future. The cultural program was good specially the city tour in the early days of the conference was imformative and interesting. The Kiev city was out of my supposition as a first time visitor and it was ver exciting and impressive. Visiting the river by sheep was excelent. I learned many things from lectures and from meeting the distingushed professors, such as Doebner, Bluman, Harrison, Carinena, Nikitin, etc.

The only thing were the lecturing fascilities and Aucostic problem that were not so much serious.

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